Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Clock isn't IS Counting Down

TNA's most valuable investment since their inception is recognizing his mortality, folks, and I believe it's time do acknowledge the same. Just this week, when asked about why he hasn't signed a new contract as of yet, Kurt Angle replied with the answer no one wanted to hear.....his next contract may be his last before he retires. From 1997, Kurt Angle has been one of the most decorated ring generals of all time. The combined sum of his championship reigns between WWE and TNA is 16. While that may seem like a small number, during the times of those reigns, each promotion was prone to giving extended reigns to their champions.

To put it all simply, Kurt Angle, like John Cena, and every other promotional workhorse out there- has an expiration date. Once the point has been reached, the body will begin to break down more frequently just by the sheer nature of the craft. Why do I compare John Cena with Kurt Angle? I'm not a fan of Cena and haven't been for YEARS, but there simply is no denying the volume of time John Cena spends granting wishes for the Make a Wish Foundation and all of the MAJOR public relations appearances he makes on behalf of the WWE brand. For WWE, there is no better spokesman....period.

Kurt Angle is that figure for TNA and has been since his arrival. His matches haven't lost their integrity and his poise is better than its been in quite a while. Sure, he's made some mistakes, but he's made strides to put himself in a better place and has worked very hard to maintain a squeaky clean image on TNA's behalf.....but right now Kurt is weighing his options. TNA would love the chance to say they retired a legend with the accolades of Angle, make no mistake.

Can anyone blame him for taking his time to weigh out how his final days as a wrestler will play out are gonna look? Some believe he'll dress out once more for Vince. Others think Dixie and company will retain their "Olympic Hero". And for the last camp, there has been speculation that his contract will take its last turn under a brand new banner, GFW. While there may have been bad blood between he and Jeff Jarrett once, those days are over and sources are saying talks have been underway between the two parties, but that nothing is set of yet.

One way or another, there is one final curtain call for one of the greatest technical wrestlers to ever set foot in the squared circle......the question that comes this September is which banner will his final chapter end under?

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