Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Problem With The Future.....

I've read my daily news and have discussed all the potential things I COULD talk about and I've come up with two subjects that really boil into the title of this column. As the statement goes, the problem with the future is that it's always changing. That said, it doesn't limit itself to episodes of Star Trek or the Twilight Zone, it's a wrestling subject too. How so?

Apparently, there had been plans up until some weeks ago to make Daniel Bryan champion once more and now, those plans are not only off the table, his name doesn't appear on WWE's list moving forward. That said, news broke not long ago that his injuries he'd been working with were far more severe than initially thought. It's even come to question whether or not we're looking at a situation much like Edge, where retirement may become mandatory lest his livelihood is threatened. What a difference a couple of days makes, huh? It forces WWE to make some changes in the way they bring up new main event stars....specifically in the timing. While TNA has had some good history building up a character into the main event quickly (Bobby Roode, James Storm, Austin Aries, etc.), WWE in recent years has had an ABYSMAL track record. Need evidence? Look no further than Jack Swagger or Alberto Del Rio. Even Sheamus could be lumped into the category when his status is considered as of this post.

On TNA's side of things....more specifically, their tactic in taping events so far ahead....this poses the problem of spoilers on the forefront, but on the other side of the coin, you also run the risk of planning too far ahead and either planning a debut or two that don't end up materializing and writing yourself into a corner (see the last episode with Pac Man Jones). In the aforementioned Jones episode, TNA management had other plans in mind, but by the time Carter made her tweet that a former champion would be appearing, Jones was all that was left.....thus creating the disappointment they were trying to avoid. You see the dilemma? If you announce something big without confirming and paying the help ahead of time, you run the risk of the deal falling through and a scramble to find something different on the fly......not good terms to work under.

So what does this all mean for the future of each? Well, WWE will "continue to make money in spite of themselves"- CM Punk circa 2011. WWE has a juggernaut following with loads of fans taking advantage of their archives everyday with their WWE Network, which they're losing funds on I might add. As for TNA, taping ahead isn't where they want to be, but since negotiations WWE has had with Universal Studios, displacing TNA from any kind of home base, so to speak, the conditions merited the move to be made. Simply put, these are the cards TNA has been dealt of late and to that end, they must play with those cards.

So in the end, WWE is left with one less prime time player on the field and they potentially gain a world class veteran for a season or two. It may be worth it, but then again, TNA may come out of the ordeal with fresher players than they left the break with. That's the problem with the's always changing.

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