Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why Two Jay?

Believe it or not, this column is NOT exclusively about the Highlight Reel's host. I watched his return because I heard rumblings of his return and I got curious. Let me get this straight, he makes his big comeback interrupting The Miz and is IMMEDIATELY greeted to a beatdown? Um...why? This coming from sources inside the situation have informed the outlets on the net that Mr. Jericho will be around for a few months. That said, WWE have brought him back in a babyface capacity. However, his status really never matters because the people will give him a heroes welcome regardless of what persona he assumes.

How does this relate to TNA? The returns of Jericho, in particular, says to me that TNA is on the right track with their bringing back Team 3D and Matt Hardy. This, on the other hand, is not the end of the returns, if my sources are accurate. I've already brought up Big 'Zeke and "It wasn't my fault". I could rant for an entire column about my dislike of Snitzky, - you know what? To heck with it....

In the transitionary MESS WWE had on tap that was Lita, by no fault of her own, she was the object of one most criminal mismanagements of talent I have EVER borne witness to. There was the Kane blackmail wedding and shortly thereafter, we had the announcement that she was 'pregnant'. With Matt Hardy out of the picture at some time during this nightmare, Snitzky was brought in. In the spirit of horrible taste and shock value, he knocked her down one time too many, causing her to miscarry. In the wake of that, the intro to his entrance music declared that 'it wasn't my fault'. There comes a time in the course of things that a wrestler will weight out just how devoted they are to the craft by telling the writers that "NO, I won't be any part of this story."

A story with the ugliness of the one in reference travels with a performer for a long time. In certain circles, Kane and Triple H STILL haven't been forgiven for the story of Katie Vick. In truth, though, this mess was the beginning of the end of my watching WWE as a whole. Once the miscarriage happened, we had her turning to Edge and leaving Kane behind, only to find that she had to cheat on Matt to do that. You all know the story, why am I recounting the history? Because Snitzky lost every kind of respect I might have come to hold for him when he signed on for his role. This is the kind of character who we all read about last year who captured, raped, and beat young girls and is NOT the kind of monster I want associated with my wrestling vice. Now, I KNOW that Gene Snitzky is not that kind of person away from the craft. I DO know that this is script and acting and all of that, but by my own personal opinion, NOT the kind of thing to be put on screen in this medium.

If it had come out that Lita faked her pregnancy or something like that, I might feel differently....maybe, but even still.

Rant OVER.

Where was I? Oh yeah...TNA has more returns planned for the coming months leading into and including Bound for Glory in Tokyo. That'll never get old. From me, I wish all of you well who would be watching BFG from Tokyo, I envy you, but I am overjoyed that TNA has seen fit to bless you guys with a visit and a PPV.

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