Tuesday, August 12, 2014


If WWE has put out just one DVD that is ABSOLUTELY critical for every wrestling fan to watch and take notes on, it has to be "The Rise and Fall of WCW". Why? Because of everything that is chronicled  in the chapters leading up to the inception of WCW and the ultimate demise of the organization. Fact is, right now, I think history is giving a smaller scale comparison even now with the current state of TNA.....

1. Consistent numbers.
Before anyone goes and tries to compare apples to apples and say that TNA is nothing like WCW or even the much smaller Jim Crockett Promotions banner due to MASSIVE Crockett numbers vs. TNA's more moderate and modest numbers. While TNA DOESN'T have monster numbers, they DO have consistent numbers, meaning a loyal pack of week to week followers, which is no small feat for any organization going up against WWE in ANY capacity.

2. Rumors of network buyout.
Back in the day, these rumors became reality, but rumors of Spike wanting to buy out TNA have surfaced in the past few months. Could it happen? Absolutely. But would it change the product? THAT is the real question, and one that has yet to be discussed.

3. The Roster comparison.
Right now, there is no question....TNA's roster has the cutting edge in terms of pure talent on their main roster while WWE is still breaking the indy spirit of those they want to bring into the fray. Talents like Prince Dewitt, Kevin Steen, KENTA, and others who have done things a certain way are going to now adjust to the new way of plying their craft under the heavily watered down product WWE peddles to the masses. Not so with TNA, hence Jessicka Havok and others who have their debuts coming.

These, folks, are just the surface of the comparisons, but there are more...make no mistake about it. I'm doing a TON of research to give more credence to the claims, but for now, this is the beginning. Do I think TNA is going to fold if they don't find a permanent home? Nope.


  1. What do you think about the wwe trying to use the aj styles, clair cheating storyline. Seems pretty sad

    1. WWE's usage of the Claire storyline, as obvious as it was, doesn't bother me. I'll go into that in the next column....