Friday, September 19, 2014

A Sign.....

Just this week, a fan asked Dixie Carter on Twitter to give a sign that TNA will be on US TV by the first of the new year. Her response?


This begs the question: has TNA signed a new deal or do the offers from the networks at the table have an expiration date? I say let's speculate.....

WGN America has a reach that extends nearly as far as Spike, but their demographics is all over the board- a perfect place for TNA to land. Why? Spike TV is rebranding, so to speak; which is to say that they are wanting to put alternative programming into play. WGN, however, has been looking to expand now that they are offloading their Chicago sports programming, including Bears football, White Sox and Cubs baseball, and Bulls basketball games. That said, the demographic in those brackets would find themselves treated to a brand new alternative promotion and with familiar players like Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, and Gail Kim, they may just stick around long enough to give WGN officials the kind of ratings spike (pun totally intended) they are looking for.

Could WGN America be what TNA needs? Maybe, but I wouldn't count on anything just yet.

So who else could be at the table? Why not Turner? No, really....I'm serious. During the 80's and 90's, Ted Turner gave WCW their shot at greatness, but the venture came up short. Either of the top two Turner networks would have the kind of reach TNA could put to good use. TBS or TNT may not be the same networks known for high-flying, grappling, or sex appeal, but they still have a reasonable amount of reach. All I'm saying is not to discount history.

Unless something dramatic happens, I doubt very much Discovery Velocity has anything to offer TNA other than a place if everything else falls through as they are still a fledgling network without a track record or a large reach to capture their demographic. Whatever the case, don't look for Discovery to have any part in TNA's broadcast future.

As for other networks? The doors have been sealed just tightly enough to keep the two biggest networks in the rumor mill a complete secret, but rest assured, it won't stay that way for long. I will keep digging, but in the meantime, keep watching.

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