Monday, September 15, 2014

....for the World to Change....

At the risk of the cliche-ness of the John Mayer reference right now, we're all waiting for something right now. Maybe it's for WWE to offer something other than what is on the menu at the moment, maybe it's for TNA to find someplace to land that will actually promote them, or maybe it's for the launch of GFW, which promises to be something special along the same vein TNA was in the early days.....the point is, everybody's waiting at the moment. And I'm no different.

Right now, I'm waiting for something sturdy to hang my hat on. There was a time when TNA's security was paramount; above question, and above scrutiny, but those days are gone and with them, a great deal of hope that TNA will remain with their heads above the proverbial waters. With Spike in the rearview, networks like Discovery Velocity, as reported before, and now WGN along with a couple of other networks with an even larger reach have been at the negotiation table with TNA officials, leading me to believe that isn't quite over just yet.

Impact Wrestling has their work cut out for them leading into the Bound for Glory weekend because all eyes from every negotiating network are going to be glued to how they perform and the way storylines weave. Bully Ray's contract has been up in the air since it expired just as the last legs of this tag team string of events was wrapping with the finals taking place at Bound for Glory. Fact of the matter is, he was even removed from consideration at Bound for Glory at least until recently when his name popped up as a part of the weekend event and the PPV. It could be an extension, but right now, everyone is holding their breath.

This is the least stable moment in the entirety of TNA's history. With WGN dumping the bulk of their Chicago based sports programming, they are looking to fill the gap with something and WWE's cost demands are far more formidable than I'm sure most networks are willing to fork over the capital to secure. TNA's, by comparison, are more manageable, but the needs of the promotion are such that they truly need to have a partner who is willing to put the name out there, even if it's only on their own network to let the public know TNA is there as a viable alternative to the Vince circus show.

On a personal note, this feels like everything is riding on the edge of a knife and one minor slip or misstep might put everything TNA has been working toward in jeopardy. I HATE feeling this way, especially when TNA's programming has been top notch in the past few months. With a decision needing to be made in the weeks shortly following Bound for Glory, TNA has to make the choice best to secure the highest fanbase they can. Places like this can only go so far to get the word out. It will take a joint effort from every fan, social network group, and partner of TNA to pull off a network exodus from Spike to wherever TNA finds itself next.

If TNA manages to dodge the bullet and stick the landing with flying colors, this little hiccup will be something of a laugh for loyal fans of the brand as the critics are now calling for the final fall. What's more, if they pull off higher numbers than they were on Spike, officials and fans alike will have to re-evaluate the way they promote the rest of their programming and that is no bad thing, all things considered. But until then, we're all waiting.....

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