Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let Me Get This Straight.....

I have a question to explore today and it has to do with the current state of TNA and the events surrounding. That said, let's do a quick recap.....

TNA's contract with Spike TV is getting ready to lapse and they haven't picked up the promotion for renewal, meaning that TNA is about to be homeless unless they can secure another network to call home. Players are being allowed to find their fortunes elsewhere if they so choose and some top talents are taking up the offer and looking over their options. With all of this business taking place in the moments before Bound for Glory's Japanese debut, how can anyone expect the Nashville based promotion to survive the onslaught?

So here's the question: Is TNA worth saving?

Now before I get into this, let me be perfectly clear. I THINK IT IS. For the sake of every wrestler needing another domestic place to go to ply their craft, I believe it is in the best interest of everyone for there to be someplace OTHER than Vince to go for some decent public television exposure. That said, I happen to know I'm not to only one who feels that way.

Jim Ross, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Kurt Angle, even Stephanie McMahon have, on occasion mentioned that it's good to have a second place promotion for performers to land because competition is good for business. But do you know who else feels that way?

WGN, Discovery Velocity, and my sources are telling me AT LEAST two other cable networks with a reach LARGER than Spike TV are now under negotiations to bring TNA into their programming umbrella. That tells me SOMEBODY knows something the critics and haters don't. Spike TV isn't the "end-all-be-all" in the world of cable network distribution. TNA has current programming obligations outside of the United States to fulfill and Spike has agreed to allow them the courtesy of 6 months for them to shop the product around to other networks to ink a deal elsewhere, which tells me that the decision to not renew has little to do with Vince Russo, as some news outlets are suggesting.

The story isn't over yet, people. Wrestlers like Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter seem to have eyes inside when they say TNA isn't going anywhere. It makes me wonder how much more the performers are seeing of the situation that we, who marvel at them at home, do not. And with the recent development of Kurt Angle doing promotional work for TNA overseas, it really makes me question that he's going anywhere once his contract is up in a couple of weeks. PLUS, in terms of Bully Ray, why is he signing per appearance deals on the end of his contract? Sure, it could be to fulfill his part in an ongoing storyline, but I happen to believe that he might be seeing something that is best revealed at Bound for Glory......the announcement of a new place to emanate from....a new network to call home.

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