Monday, September 29, 2014

Rants from Ringside: MMA Edition NSAC Gets Serious.

The past couple weeks have been exciting for the world of MMA. First of all you had the scuffle between Daniel Cormier and John "Bones" Jones at the press conference for their upcoming fight on January 3, 2015. Then you had their subsequent hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (we'll get into that later). Next you had Wanderlei Silva retiring stating numerous wrongdoings by the UFC. That was followed just days later by the NSAC's ruling from his refusal to take a drug test incident.

First of all, lets start with the August 4th pushing match between UFC Light Heavyweight Champion John "Bones" Jones and Daniel "DC" Cormier. The fact that this turned into such a big deal sort of shocks me. I mean pushing and shoving matches at press conferences have always been a part of Combat Sports in general. I think what sets this fight apart from the rest is that nobody was able to stop the two from spilling off of the stage and causing a bigger scene than maybe a couple of pushes and some words being said. Whatever the reason this became the big deal that it did the (NSAC) felt they could not let this slide as just another incident at a press confernce. At the September 23 hearing between the two men and the commission, the men were both fined 10% of their purse (for Cormier that means roughly $9,000 and for Jones about $50,000) and community service (Cormier 20 hours, Jones 40 hours which he has to serve in Vegas, not his home or his training grounds). Both men took the punishment in stride and say they respect the commission's decision. Jones did show some concern that he has to do 40 hours of community service in Vegas and it has to be done before the fight on January 3rd.

That was not the only strong judgement the NSAC passed down this week. They also imposed an indefinite suspension/lifetime ban plus a $70,000 fine on Wanderlei Silva for his ducking a NSAC official while he was trying to get a random drug test from him. Wanderlei's lawer is talking about appealing that ruling based on the fact that Silva was not licensed with the NSAC at the time. He does not feel that simply knowing the date of the next fight constitutes the right to randomly drug test a fighter. Having said all that, the fact that they have banned Wanderlei Silva from fighting in Nevada does not keep him from fighting in other states. This is a single ruling by one state's commission. It does not necessarily have to set the tone for every other state out there. Also, was it really necessary to ban a man who just days before posted an almost 15 minute long video retiring from the UFC and effectively the sport? So, I ask you, do you think the NSAC is being too harsh on these fighters. Do you think that Daniel Cormier and John Jones' fine and community service sentence was fair? Do you think the commission is using all three of these men to set an example? Will their strict actions bring change to the sport in a good way or revolt among the fighters? As always I want your input and thoughts. Thanks as always this has been TFC.




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