Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Greatest....Part 2: X Division.....

Anytime TNA is brought up in a conversation that is debating WWE and TNA, the X Division is almost always brought into the discussion. This isn't opinion. It just is. Why? Because the specialty division was the first thing that separated TNA from any other organization. When the X Division was at it's apex, it was the best thing on TNA television, overshadowing even the World Title matches with the high flyers, hard hitters, and a ferocious tagline...."It's not about weight limits, it's about no limits". I ask do you compete with that? don't.

As for the best of the best in the history of TNA? The list is simple, putting it in order? Not so much....and so for that very reason, this list is not in any order whatsoever. The only thing that does matter is that every name deserves to be here.

10. Kazarian.....Before Bad Influence, Kazarian was a champion in the division and rightfully so, but the fact is, his most talented side came out AFTER his time in the division.

9. Amazing Red.....The man who introduced TNA to Crimson was arguably one of the most talented tumblers in the promotion, but never stuck around long enough to hold the gold for long.

8. AJ Styles......The face of TNA for years, the master of the Spiral Tap is a human highlight reel and helped elevate the division throughout the years.

7. Petey Williams.....There is no X Division list without the Canadian Destroyer. Of that I am absolutely certain. His finisher of the same name is at nearly the top of every wrestling fan's best finishers list. With an innovation that defies promotional exclusivity, that says a lot.

6. Samoa Joe.....The X Division is where Joe made his first mark and his dominance lasted over 18 months, with no losses up to that point. The X Division Title has a decent list of champions thanks in large part to the Samoa Submission Machine.

5. Christopher Daniels.....The third part of 2005's Match of the Year at Unbreakable, Daniels is a man who can do it all. He has the charisma to get over in spite of criminal misuse and questionable booking and has held gold more times than most in the division.

4. Jay Lethal....His success elsewhere leads me to believe that TNA made a profound mistake in allowing him to get away....he had a stage presence that was far more than he was able to use on the X Division stage.

3. Austin Aries.....Aries on on another list with Styles and Joe.....I'm seeing a pattern here. I joke, but Aries held the X Division together going into the "Option C" era and has been the single most reliable X Division performer TNA has had under their employ for the time he has been back.

2. Suicide/Manik.....Love the costume or hate it, Suicide is almost a cop out as he has been 3 or 4 different men over the course of his tenure on the TNA roster. That has not kept his popularity from winning over fans, though. Whether as Daniels, Kaz, Kyoshi, or whoever else has been under the mask, he has always put his best foot forward from bell to bell.

1. Chris Sabin.....Hail Sabin! As the second cash in winner of the "Option C" rule, Sabin traded his record setting 8th X Title for a shot at the World Title. The sheer number of title reigns speaks for closed.

I am sure I've missed someone on someone's list, but this is mine, love it or hate it. I'll keep rocking the lists as there are a couple of divisions left to tackle, but until then, keep watching....

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