Friday, September 26, 2014

What We've Been Waiting For....? is reporting that Dixie Carter met with the entire roster this week at the last set of tapings leading into Bound for Glory and announced that they WILL have a home by the time January 7th comes around and, by the looks of things, the signs are pointing to WGN America as the front runner in network negotiations. This announcement will most likely be made in the next week or so officially, but until that time, TNA is keeping things on the hush hush.

In other TNA news, TNA has just signed two new talents to contracts moving forward. On the one side, former Ring Ka King roster member Mahabali Shera, who stands as the first roster member of Indian descent to be signed to the roster. Before ANYONE jumps on me about Sonjay Dutt, who WAS billed to have hailed from Bombay, the man beneath the character was born in Washington D.C. in 1982. On a related note, Kurt Angle, whose contract with TNA was supposed to have lapsed, made the announcement of the signing of Shera the day following his contract lapse, forcing me to speculate that he is still employed by TNA as of this post, at least.

Another signing that, in MY view, can do nothing but good for the brand, is that former WWE commentator Josh Matthews has signed and is working in headquarters actively familiarizing himself with the roster and their wrestling styles and moves. The running plan is for him to debut in the coming months to join the announce team, which could be as early as the next set of tapings.

So if TNA is pretty much locked for a TV contract moving into 2015 and beyond, is there certainty guaranteed into performer contracts? Not yet, but I say once the ink is drying, those guarantees will follow in short order. It all moves back to TV. If things work out well with the new network, I think we'll see some good things in the coming year, including, but not limited to the UK Tour (which always has an amazing crowd vibe), a return of live events, and more talent signings.

In order to go about this, though, the critics need to step out of the way and LET people enjoy what they want instead of downplaying how decent the show is getting and simply enjoying what's in front of them. I mean, this isn't Vince, let's all take some solace in that.

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