Saturday, October 18, 2014

And now, the news..... reports that TNA officials are telling their business partners that a TV deal is imminent and will be announced within 10 days.

TNA is rumored to have been in talks with a "shocking" acquisition. But who is it?

I have been looking at the potentials and I have a few ideas to share with you.....who could it be.....

CM Punk- In interviews and all other forms of communication, he has made it abundantly clear that he has little to no desire to return to wrestling and with more than enough money to survive without it, why would he?

Edge- Now I hear in your heads, you're telling me it's impossible, but people said the same thing when Shawn Michaels was "forced" into early retirement in 1998, but 4 years later, he made his return and had an arguably even better run than his first. Could it be? His "brother" made a TNA debut IMMEDIATELY after a WWE PPV. On the other hand, his acting career is in full bloom and I highly doubt he'd put that in jeopardy for one more run.

Beth Phoenix- How is THIS shocking? She was let go for wanting to be by her man's side during his surgery that forced his might remember him from above. Edge? Her venting that frustration and revealing him as the new general manager would be a shock. Would it not?

Randy Orton- APPARENTLY, his contract comes up sometime in early 2015 and he has flat out REJECTED both offers WWE has made to have him re-sign for even a short term deal. Could he make the jump and if so, would that shock the masses?

Alberto Del Rio- He was unceremoniously released after an altercation backstage with a member of the WWE staff. Granted, he made tracks back to Mexico, but wouldn't it be in the character of TNA to sign another former main eventer....

Rey Mysterio- Even in the twilight of his career, his name value carries a TON of weight . Would it be the caliber of a Kurt Angle? That all depends on how long he can stay healthy as well as how long his contract would last. But shocking?

Well, I suppose it all depends upon a couple of things.....

1. Don't overstock the debut. TNA made a mistake of EPIC proportions by FILLING the debut episode of Hulk Hogan with cameos and only keeping a few in stock afterwards for longer than a couple of weeks. Don't do it. You'll run the risk of burning everyone out before the first commercial.

2. You'd better have a darn good reason for signing on board. If there isn't a good reason for coming, you may as well stay home. When Christian came on board, he did so for the change in pace, the variety in his peers, and the money. How many times can you use that as your reasoning? If it isn't DIFFERENT, it isn't worth my time.

3. You want a shock? Tell us you've signed someone like CM Punk, bring out AJ Lee, and swerve everyone into the middle of next week and then have Punk cross by the ramp without walking down it....just walking, leaving everyone with a look of bewilderment. Give us a debut without it actually being a debut, if that makes any sense. The point is, the reveal HAS to be better than the announcement.

Okay, peeps...I've been keeping my ear to the ground and I believe I may have something that would shock me and this stems from a rumor I just caught wind of that may turn out to be legit: Word going around is that AJ Styles may be coming back, but that news wouldn't be the shocking part....the shocking part is that I get the feeling he might follow through on a former prediction of mine and bring GFW with him with TNA founder Jeff Jarrett. If there is something, ANYTHING TNA could do to spark a fire, this would be it.....just think about it.

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