Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just a While Longer....

It won't be long now, people, until the powers that be in the white tower of Nashville reveal what they've wrought in terms of the new home for TNA. The announcement is coming, or so we're being promised. I love the notion of WGN and CMT being in the running. What bothers me, however, is the amount of time CMT might have AND the weekly timeslot. While WGN has never hosted a wrestling show, at least to my memory, I have zero reservations that they could garner the kind of numbers we're all in the market to see.

Yes, I'm partial to WGN, but if CMT is able to promote better via their big events (i.e. the CMA's or even their highly rated nightly shows), we may be looking at a decent change-up. The point is, whoever TNA finally decides to go with is going to have their hands full just getting the word out that the promotion is there to be seen. Who will have the easier time making that happen? Well, we would really need to have a closer look at what we've got to work with.....

WGN: This is a network that could use some work as MOST of their schedule consists of reruns....seriously. A LIVE or even a decent taped show with a current running schedule would be the first step towards making this a much more valuable piece of network real estate to lure some really good prime time shows.

CMT: Again, with a host of what I would call place marker shows that are sitting where a well placed, action-packed show with a currently running schedule would fit well.

On the surface, either channel would fetch a decent audience, but I get the sense that whichever network has the bigger pocketbook has the better chance of securing the kind of program TNA could offer.

As I have already stated elsewhere, GFW is also trying to secure a deal and if they can pull that down by the time their inaugural PPV hits in January....I believe 4th....TNA will have some serious competition, but if TNA is able to tie their deal down before that time, not so much. I can only see enough room on the landscape for one 2nd place promotion at the moment. That said, I believe that whichever network signs the deal first will dictate terms for the other organization, leaving them to pine over a deal the next time it comes around. Just my opinion.

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