Friday, October 3, 2014

Something on My Chest....

Today I opened my inbox and discovered some news I found interesting. Apparently, GFW and TNA are talking to the same networks. Big shocker? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Why? THAT, my friends, is quite possibly the easiest question to answer. Most networks don't want pro wrestling, even though there is a HUGE demographic the product every WWE alternative offers. Seriously, we're talking about millions of people watching this from their armchairs and sofas, taking in the spectacle of something Vince doesn't own. Not thousands, folks.....millions. The networks have included WGN America, Velocity, and now CMT in the mix, but with two potential promotions, networks are having to just pick one. So who has the best chance?

Do you guys remember that little thing I've been nagging you guys about for as long as this blog has been around? You know.....ratings? Yeah, those things. Well, apparently, networks like to see programs that have consistency. Who knew? GFW has no track record whatsoever. TNA, on the other hand, has a history of consistently decent ratings. In fact, TNA led the ratings on Spike for the bulk of their time on the network. This isn't something to be taken lightly.

If TNA secures the deal with WGN, it might seem likely that CMT would back GFW, right? I mean, after all, he's being partially backed by a HUGE country music icon and a former NASCAR they'll be set, right? Not so fast. Even though Toby Keith has investment involved in the upstart company, CMT is just like any other network out there.....they want to see a track record before they'll front the airtime. That said, we may see GFW go the route TNA did in their inception and run a weekly PPV to see what the buyrates are before thinking about putting off any of their current programming to allow for GFW to join their programming family, so to speak.

So this is good news? Absolutely. At least as far as TNA is concerned. Once a deal is inked, talents can breathe a little easier knowing that their future is secure, at least on the short term. Provided TNA is able to help their network home turn viewers their way, some good paydays are also on the horizon.,,,but that is something that we'll see in the coming months.

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