Monday, October 20, 2014

The Hinge Pin....

In virtually every door in a house, there are hinges that allow said door to swing freely and allow things in and out. And in nearly every hinge on nearly every door, you have what is called a hinge pin; a central point at which a peg sits and holds the door in place. Without these hinge pins, the door can only function for so long before coming off track. So why the general lesson in carpentry in a wrestling column? I've made it known that Sting was this hinge pin on so many occasions for TNA in the run he had with them. That was storyline and that was in the ring.

But this column isn't about Sting, for once. This is about the return of TNA's golden boy and the hinge pin in their current plan moving forward. This is about the return of AJ Styles......

In December of last year, AJ Styles left TNA after months of negotiations ended with neither party able to come to an agreeable number to put on his contract. With that in mind, his tenure in the independent circuit has come with some developments that lead me to believe, as I find myself thinking a lot, that there is more than meets the eye to everything that has come around this past year....and not just with Styles either, but with the entire climate of GFW and the partnerships that promotion has around the world.

So what makes AJ so darned important? I've speculated that he may be bringing the founder, Jeff Jarrett right? Well, you all remember that pesky little 35% of the company Jarrett still owns? Well apparently, those shares may not be worth a nickel to GFW, the time on a new network does and THAT is where TNA holds their advantage over GFW, as I've also mentioned before. Right now, GFW holds partnership deals with AAA, NJPW, and a host of other promotions worldwide and TNA is still in good favor with NJPW and Wrestle-1 along with them holding the network cards in terms of their visibility in nations outside of the US. I smell a honest to goodness wrestling cooperative in the works.

With AAA, in particular, you COULD see Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio in TNA, meaning a Rey vs. AJ Styles match COULD realistically happen. Imagine Bullet Club in TNA. We're talking about everyone winning and GFW potentially branching off once TNA has helped establish them and their personas on the small screen....even if it's just on the short term.

So really, what I'm saying is that for once, AJ Styles gets to be the man who saves TNA AND helps create something ELSE that's brand new and that's something even Sting couldn't do.

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