Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TNA is Punk'd....

So the news just broke about TNA having made an overture towards CM Punk about joining up with the establishment. Rumor has it that the deal would have been something similar to what Sting might have been paid and some where near the same number of dates, matches, etc. Now, when the proposal was made, the source reporting states that Punk has little to no desire to make a professional wrestling return of any kind. In line with TNA's proposal plan, I'd like to ask a question or two and attempt to answer them......

Would Punk fit in with the current crop of stars on TNA's roster?
Is TNA in a good position to dish out the kind of money Sting was getting paid?
Would CM Punk be an asset or a liability to the brand?
How would Punk be used, provided TNA DID fork out the funds?

To begin, I'd like to outline what the rumor actually covers. In the mind of some in the white tower, since the loss of AJ Styles, TNA no longer has a "face of the company". Do I agree? Yes and no, but my reasoning can wait until a later column to tackle that question. In any case, TNA is wanting to build their future on a name, a major name who can bring in viewers just on his name alone. Is CM Punk a draw? In my view, he is....HOWEVER, CM Punk is unpredictable. Most would consider that dynamic something that can make a performer fun to work with, but the notorious pipe bomb of 2011 was only partially bulleted with talking points and when he went overboard, he was cut off. TNA, again in my view, can't afford that kind of candor.

TNA is loaded with talent ripe for a fresh run with a big name that Punk could provide, most of which, as it turns out, have worked with him in Ring of Honor. Joe, Aries, the Wolves, and the list goes on from there, but there is also a void he could very easily fill. He's still a moderately young buck, all things considered and with a very much lighter schedule than WWE employs, there lies a much less chance of him getting burned out. Does that help the argument? Who knows?

Some would contend that TNA is in no position to make bargains with Punk with the kind of price tag he could potentially carry. Unverified claims say that TNA was paying Sting in the neighborhood of 500,000 dollars per year and those kinds of funds would offend guys like me, who believe AJ Styles was being given the short end of the deal when he finally decided to leave the promotion. In my view, Punk isn't on the same level as Styles and has no business fetching that kind of payout for less dates and lighter work. For my money, I would seek my stars elsewhere or build them myself.

In spite of all the speculation and such concerning his pay, attitude, and the like, the question of how he would be used comes into play and I briefly touched on this early on here. TNA is wanting a vocal, loyal, colorful, big league name with years to give to help rebuild the roster around. Could Punk fit the bill? I give a loud and resounding maybe.....and that's all I can say.

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