Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I don't know why, but I've always been a sucker for underdogs. When Coke overran the nation, taking their prominent place in most of the restaurants in the city I live, I stuck by Mountain Dew. When Marvel Comics sold the bulk of their distribution rights to Disney, I leapt to DC Comics, who remained mostly independent even as a giant in the industry. I favor Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and Dean Malenko over guys like Triple H, The Undertaker, or Hulk Hogan. When WWE ran PG, I lobbed every last bit of my support behind you see what I mean?

If I could put a finger on why, I'd call it defiance. I have this generalized distrust of the majority in the forms of entertainment I subscribe to. Why? I'm a purist at heart and to that end, I make no apologies for my taste as the times continue to change. Now I realize my inner nerd is about to show, but since this is the kind of audience I have determined to write for, you get what you get.

I'm a product of an era where mystique made fans draw conclusions when the story wasn't clear and it's that kind of storytelling that drives a good product in virtually every medium. In a good television series, the action forces the viewer to think and respond to the events moving the story forward and at the end of each week's show, you have AT LEAST one more question than you had when you started, even if one question was answered over the course of the episode. The trick is balancing which questions are answered with ones to be revealed later. There was a time when WWE played this card PERFECTLY.....but those days have long since passed. TNA has had some luck with that kind of writing and still is doing a fair job. What TNA has done well for many years and continues to do well is repackage and push talents WWE didn't give a chance.

Another news story just broke just yesterday: In Nashville, Dixie Carter has been telling people that a major announcement is coming very fact, more than one are coming soon. Could it be the TV deal that we've all been waiting so patiently for? I'd put my money on it, but even more than that, it's been rumored for quite some time now that officials have been talking with a couple of talents who could help shake things up and more than just on the surface. Any guesses?

I happen to believe that a new TV deal is imminent and all that's left is to wait for the announcement to come over the wire, but as for the notion of TNA signing new talents? My question is WHO could TNA sign that would shock people? If Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff couldn't shock people and Ric Flair and Mick Foley and the molten lot of other talents TNA signed who just came because they were pissed off at Vince, who could TNA POSSIBLY sign who genuinely wants to be there and under a reasonable contract?

I think that HAS to be the subject for the next column, because this one is simply too full to fit the kinds of thoughts I have on the matter. But as for the subject at hand, everyone knows TNA is the far smaller company that has no serious chance of overtaking WWE anytime in the near future, but that kind of thinking simply draws me into the fold. I have no intention of reverting back to my WWE ways now that the phase they're on has yet to pass and the politics are now worse than ever. No, I'll take my chances with the underdog.....after all, every now and then, the underdog wins one.

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