Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Would SHOCK Me?

In TNA's run, there have been quite a few things that actually shocked me. Debuts like Christian, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle come to mind, along with the Dudleys and a couple of others, but I ask myself if there are any OUTSIDE the ring who've shocked me. In fact, there have been a few.

Eric Bischoff....Because of his time as the single greatest General Manager of RAW, in my humble opinion, as well as the inventor of the Elimination Chamber, I thought he'd be true blue WWE for life, even though they put his baby out to pasture following the events of the Monday Night War. Still, when it was announced that Hulk Hogan would be coming to TNA, his face was the furthest thing I expected to see standing nearby.

Bruce Pritchard....As Vince McMahon's right hand man for over a decade, HE WAS WWE or as high up the chain without being named McMahon or Levesque. He held more power than virtually anyone else in the back, but when his number was called for the Future Endeavors Club, him showing up in TNA was something I didn't see coming.

Tazz.....No one was more excited to see a new face at commentary when Don West was on his way out than me, but few could have been a better fit for the announce table than Tazz. I'm a purist in the taste I have for decent color commentators at the announce table and Tazz is that, to me. Bobby Heenan, Jerry Lawler, even Jonathan Coachman, on occasion, fit the bill for WWE, but Tazz was one guy I thought who would outstay a solid chunk of the youngbloods vying for their own place at the table.

But right now, in 2014-15, is there any one man who would shock me from a backstage standpoint or even in a wrestling debut? Yep, there are a few....

Shane McMahon.....Talk about bombshell and one to talk about for the ages. History repeating itself and all the while moving on a COMPLETELY different course would shock me. If Shane legitimately took the reins and ran with them on a competition course with his father's company, I doubt very much you'd see so many haters. Shane has been to the top before and was a major player in WWF/E and when he determined he wanted out, I have no doubt he meant it, but if he suddenly decided he wanted to try things from the other side of the coin, I think that would shock EVERYONE.

Jim Ross.....Aside from Shane, his name strikes me as one I would welcome the most. But would it shock me? Absolutely. From his blog and a perspective that exists outside the business and yet all the while connected, he has the perfect vantage point to give fresh perspective, but him SIDING with TNA? That's something I just wouldn't see coming. In spite of the on screen shenanigans Vince and company has put him through, he remained a Monday Night and PPV staple for decades and that is a testament to his long suffering. Him making the move to TNA would be amazing as I would be cheering the loudest for the Sooner to call matches for AJ Styles' return and the current roster as a whole.

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