Friday, November 7, 2014

Blind Man's Bluff....

With all the talk of TNA and the new network jump and even the notion of them staying put, I haven't given up hope that the announcement will come with a hefty big name to garner some much needed goodwill and bring shock the masses. HOWEVER, I am not so blind in my fanaticism that I would not acknowledge the possibility that Dixie Carter and the rest of the clan are playing a dangerous game of Blind Man's Bluff, attempting to plant false hope in the fans. But I will offer that IF this is an attempt at business slight of hand, they are doing a very poor job of concealing their cards.

1. TNA made the announcement that Impact would have a Spike TV home until the first week of January and yet they've not taped anything new as of this post, making their new material end in two weeks' time. The week after, Spike TV will be airing a movie in TNA's timeslot. When asked, Spike officials stated that the holiday would be slow anyway, so they didn't want to take the chance of low ratings over the course of the broadcast.

2. My sources are telling me that the shock announcement has to do with Kurt Angle resigning for his farewell year in the sport we all know and love. Will he turn up in WWE for one last hurrah? They'd be fools to not let that happen. As for THAT announcement? I'd just keep watching.

3. The time clock reads three more days and the sources aforementioned have informed me that some time within those days, we'll know for sure where TNA stands, but if "End of Watch" is airing in two weeks and then we have "Best of" specials all the way until the New Year, doesn't it stand to reason that GFW is becoming the one with all the momentum going into that timeframe? Forget the specials, I'm not buying into the notion that TNA won't have original programming leading into the new year SOMEWHERE. That line of thinking makes zero sense in the long run, even from the perspective of one leaving one network to go to another.

But enough about the network or lack thereof....let's talk about something Rey Mysterio, who has been leaving his checks from WWE, which are substantial, I might add, uncashed. This prods the question from me....why doesn't he just send the checks MY way? Right? But the point I'm making is simple. Just how miserable must you be working for the man to leave your checks uncashed and show up without being put on screen? He's been teasing a return to AAA in the coming months, who have ties to TNA and GFW respectively. In the meantime, however, he's still under contract and is likely to remain as such until he either looks at old CM Punk footage and follows suit, leaving it all behind and waiting out the ink on his contract OR he lobbies for his release like other former talents have done in the past. What's your pick?

For me, if the craft has lost its luster and I've just had enough of the schedule and giving it up for king and country day in and day out, I'd follow Punk's lead. On the other hand, if there are a few buddies left in the biz in the company, I might stick it out for as long as my contract lasts and then bolt once the timeframe has lapsed and work elsewhere IMMEDIATELY.

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