Friday, November 21, 2014

Bridging the Gap....

We've got a home, more programming, and TNA's scouts are on the lookout for more talent to restore the ranks, what more can the powers that be want? How about some momentum moving forward? I have read that TNA officials have put together a YouTube exclusive final farewell for Thanksgiving day. What follows? I have a few guesses, but a couple of things are certain.

1. Talents can breathe a bit easier. Now that TNA has a place to call home, contracts can now be offered more aggressively and those in power can pretty much have their pick of the litter of whom they  wish to pull from abroad AND so they can retain those already under TNA's employ.

2. TNA is expected to be a cornerstone on Destination America, slated to have more programming than simply their two hour block on the night they arrive on. What does that mean? I'd venture their One Night Only events, at least another couple of hours of brand new footage, and even some behind the scenes documentary stuff not unlike WWE Confidential from years past.

With all of this good news, there is still one thing to consider: What does TNA offer their fans to satiate their wrestling fill until the first part of January? "Best of" specials? I certainly hope not. One other piece of note to mention....a new logo, new format, and basically a complete rework of the platform might be coming, literally creating a TNA version 2.0 in the purest sense of the words.

Does this mean a more updated camera format or a new stage layout or is this really nothing worthy of note? I truly have no idea. A new logo COULD be cool, provided they allow the FANS to decide where the final lot is cast. They allowed fans to make the decision on the 6 Sided Ring, which was COMPLETELY monumental for any promotion, independent or otherwise. Could the same be said about a new logo? Personally, I'd love a say in this new world we're being asked to share in. I very much doubt WWE consulted their fans when they decided to put something new out there. Just saying.

I think it wouldn't be too great a stretch to see Josh Matthews, who was once in WWE's talent stable on the broadcasting side of things, eventually showing up at the announce table, but for now, he is quietly working behind the scenes. Additionally, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Good 'ol J.R. showed up for an event or two in the coming year. His decision to make a return for the Wrestle Kingdom PPV in Japan to call play by play comes before his blog in support of TNA's new network announcement and a shout-out to that end.

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