Monday, November 24, 2014


Well, well, well....seems I have need to put some clarity to my statements from yesterday. I've watched it back and I still have no idea what all the fuss is about. Before I go ANY further, let's look at a couple of other debuts and do some comparisons, shall we?

1. Goldberg....

2. Chris Jericho.....

You'll notice with these debuts, there are two GLARING differences: J.R at the commentary and The Rock as the channel for the crowd energy. The Rock was the pinnacle of WWE's popular superstars during the eras, or at least shared that spotlight with Steve Austin. Triple H is NOT The Rock and his track record for putting over WCW talents is HORRIBLE. Need evidence?

Scott Steiner.....

This took place prior to Goldberg's debut and once his first official feud was set and Triple H was announced as the first PPV opponent, it was the beginning of the end of his rise and two straight losses via shenanigans sealed his fate and Scott Steiner spent the rest of his WWE tenure relegated to the undercard.

The list of talents Triple H has NOT given credence to is VERY long. So long, in fact, that each of the losses handed to former WCW talents was given on HUGE stages. Scott Steiner's first loss was at the Royal Rumble; Goldberg's first loss was at Survivor Series; Chris Jericho's was at Wrestlemania as was Booker T's. Seriously, folks....Triple H is NOT where Sting should be laying his career to rest.

When WWE first leaked Sting's involvement in the Survivor Series festivities, it was described as an unveiling, which would have given some time to find a suitable replacement for The Undertaker, provided he was unable to fulfill the kind of role requested at Wrestlemania. Not confronting the leader of the establishment, which was his TNA role in virtually every case. Believe me, this isn't me hating on Triple H or WWE in general, it's that in the end, the send-off isn't filled with pomp and circumstance, like most fans want.

Triple H is one of the greatest heel performers to ever grace a WWE stage. He's also one of the biggest player of backstage politics in the history of WWE, placing himself as high as a person can be in the hierarchy as a person can be long before he was running the company on the daily. Triple H can put on a great match with almost everyone, but he only elevates those he deems worthy, and those in that number are few and far between.

I think Sting deserved a better debut and a more proper opponent, one who could pace his farewell match with enough gusto and drama to tell an amazing story in the squared circle and, in my opinion, that man is NOT Triple H. In fact, NO ONE on their current roster has that kind of talent to serve as Sting's final opponent. So this post is, if nothing else, a plea to the powers that be to seek out Sting's final opponent with care and give him the kind of send-off he deserves.

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