Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Counting Down to the Threshold....

Right now, there are more than a couple of things waiting in the wings and we are all a part of history being wrestling history come full circle. In the 90's there was ECW, WCW, and WWF and nowadays, we're being delivered something even more fresh. With GFW and NJPW looking to bridge the pond and put their own brand of programming on US soil via internet means, I think it safe to say that they are sitting in the ECW spot, while TNA and their newest deal and list of potential acquisitions on hot standby. They represent the pre-Bash at the Beach '96 fever pitch of WCW.

A few players right now stand out as way makers, putting the fates of their allies face forward and giving direction to their ships. Sting, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle; all three have decisions to make and I don't think Angle or Sting are going to change their minds as to their sides. Sting has made negotiations for more than one match, or so I'm told and, from all news I've gathered, is still slated to make his final match at Wrestlemania this coming year. Angle looks to make his revelation of a new deal with TNA official in the coming year. The one who has yet to pick a side is AJ Styles. Why do I place him so high? Because in the GFW/ NJPW alliance, there is no man bigger or more important to their platform.

What's so special about AJ Styles that no one else in their stable can compete? Domestic support, for one. As the former golden boy of TNA, the second place wrestling promotion in the country, he has name recognition. If the casual fan has never seen a match, they still know where he used to work and THAT has value. They also know the caliber of the opponents he faced while in WWE's competitor and that, too, has value. Why? For the very same reason I criticize WWE FAR more harshly than any other promotion. When WWE was firing veterans who could have been giving guys like Styles a respectable resume to submit to the masses, TNA was rounding them up and building up Mr. Styles into a marketable commodity, worth every penny in the contract he signs.

As his one-year deal with New Japan comes to a close in the coming weeks, he faces a choice ahead of him. Does he make a TNA return or does he sign with GFW and work them towards their possible launch into the television market. With GFW so far from their deal having ink attached to it, I would not be a bit surprised if he stayed in Japan OR if he entertained the offers TNA is now more willing to offer for his talents. Whatever the case, he's the one man I'm watching the most closely out of all of them....and so should you.

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