Thursday, November 13, 2014

Good 'ol boy...

In the most recent revelation from the camp of Jeff Jarrett, GFW's very first PPV event, Wrestle Kingdom, broadcasting from NJPW's arena in Japan will feature a very interesting returning legend in the industry. Jim Ross will be doing the play-by-play announcing on the inaugural show. That means that AJ Styles will almost definitely be on the lips of the former voice of RAW. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture? I mean other than Mr. Ross and AJ Styles are playing for the wrong team?

I'll be honest, folks, I'm very sick of waiting on the announcement of a new TV deal on the horizon for TNA. All things considered, it does no favors for the top brass to be keeping such a big secret from the locker room, let alone the fans. In the waiting period, Bully Ray, whose contract expired as recently as the past month, let the brass have it in a Twitter post, stating that the soldiers may as well be dead for as much communication they've received from the generals. It's a very sad day, indeed, for some within the confines of their contract.

Before I get ahead of myself, provided there IS some good news to come from the front lines, I am still holding out a glimmer of hope somewhere that the Carter family is able to put together some funds and pull off the biggest swerve in recent wrestling history by bringing all hands back into the fold and can bolster enough fans to keep attentions reeling for the long haul.

In other semi-related news, Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore is pulling together their very first iPPV and has some notable personalities from New Japan AND TNA's ranks. Among them, Ethan Carter, Austin Aries, Matt and Jeff Hardy, and Velvet Sky. The fact that TNA has allowed each of the performers from their roster to appear on an iPPV when previously they could not per their contract speaks volumes to me about where the climate of the product is and their potential ties to the HOH product as well. Among the names, also, is Drew Galloway, a current member of Bullet Club, of which both AJ Styles AND Jeff Jarrett are members.

So where is this all headed? As I've stated before on a number of occasions, I am of the belief that Jarrett and Bullet Club will be invading TNA soon and will be putting some cooperative juices together to bring in the new year. Once TNA announces their final home for the duration of the year and into the next, I'll say more on where the cooperative might be headed, but for now, prospects are as still as a mannequin.

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