Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How Long?

So TNA announced last week that the first week of November wouldn't come to an end before the announcement of a new network has been broken. In the meantime, GFW has made an announcement of their own. Apparently, their inaugural event will emanate from the same arena Bound for Glory did this year in Japan. On tap, the clan will feature a who's who of the most recognizable legends and personalities in the form. Among the number will be Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Vader, the Steiner Brothers, and the Great Muta. Considering such a crop of legends, it remains to be seen if such an assembly of legends, some of whom are, as of yet, still under contract with WWE, will cause any legal disputes or if they are on hand to simply provide backstage support for the performers who are still finding their way onto the card to fill out the event.

With this development on the horizon, one might think GFW is poised to take their place on the wrestling scene by force, so to speak, but unless they can round out their resume with television contract in tow, there is little chance anything of consequence will come of it all. Further, without the ability to showcase said legends on screen, if the event is put onto Pay Per View, it'll be a tough sell to anyone who matters (see also TV execs.) to convince them that their promotion is worth sinking air time into. Compoundly, IF this event IS televised in ANY capacity and this legends are shown, WWE will show no mercy in throwing every book in the proverbial library at GFW and the legends in question for their breach in contract.

What this DOES mean for TNA is that they need to put their name on the dotted line and quickly in order to secure any chance of a home base of operations. On that note, taped episodes of Impact Wrestling only run until November 19th, meaning that the announcement and exodus HAVE to happen  within the next few days. So to answer the question at the beginning....within the next couple of days.

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