Sunday, November 23, 2014

Is Late Better Than Never? Really?

It finally happened. Sting debuted in WWE at Survivor Series. The thing is, by the time he arrived, stared down Triple H, and delivered the Death Drop, the magic was gone and what might have been a very epic debut became what WWE is now....watered down and predictable.

Let's face it, when the news broke about Sting making his debut at the PPV was leaked, I could tell that there was only two places his presence could POSSIBLY go...either during or after the Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose match OR during or after the main event. Seriously, there was no other place where it would even make sense on the card.

What's worse, Sting's debut and, likely, his final match in WWE looks to be against Triple H, which, if true, would be the worst decision WWE has made since going PG. The logical question to ask here is why and the answer is so simple.....because Triple H is the boss. Think about it, people. He's wrestled less than 5 times since losing his hair. That isn't just on TV either. That's cumulative.....across the boards. WWE could not have picked a less suitable opponent, unless it was the Undertaker.

Speaking in terms of booking, logistics, and just about everything else, there is no way Sting wrestles this match and wins cleanly. Triple H has put so many careers on life support that this potential match seems more like a final nail in the coffin that is WCW and, for Vince and Trips, it's the final closing of the book. I mean, what else is there? Sting, Goldberg, Hogan, Bischoff, I think that covers the most important bases.

So I'm asking all of late better than never? As I've said on a few occasions, Sting's best entry point into WWE would have been in 2002-03. Why? Because of where WWE's blue brand was, at the time, in terms of booking. There was virtually NOTHING of note happening aside from Angle vs. Lesnar and, to be fair, the blue brand suffered greatly for it. The Undertaker COULD HAVE had his feud with Sting and have been able to carry himself to a great, and I do mean GREAT match as his bones and joints could have handled the stress. But now? Taker is virtually out of the question for a final retirement match.

If the current plan is scrapped and we get Shawn Michaels OR Chris Jericho, I'm in, but otherwise, I see no point in it and I have no desire to see the shovel of Trips go back to work. For the record, I'll be following WWE's treatment of the Sting storyline closely, but not enough to watch 3 hours just to see the part I want to keep track of. Sorry peeps, but WWE lost my paying business years ago and the ability to keep my attention for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

So is late better than never? For Sting, I say no. If it had been me, never would have been the best course.

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