Thursday, November 27, 2014

Let The Announcement Floodgates Burst.....

For those who are getting like me; a bit antsy and  wanting more in the way of answers as to how this whole thing is gonna go down once TNA is finally done with Spike and running with the Destination America crowd, here are a few announcements made in the past day or so:

TNA's "Best of" specials WILL proceed leading into the New Year's countdown to the best TNA moment special. So for the final two weeks, we'll have the countdown and two other specials that relate to that spirit of things.

Right now, TNA officials are working with Destination America officials on TNA's official reboot, which is expected to tape LIVE from the Manhattan Center. A set of tapings would follow, chronicling the following two weeks and making the run leading into the events of the UK Tour, which is still planning on being run as usual.

Moving forward, Josh Matthews of WWE fame, is expected to take over the task of lead announcer once the Impact machine makes the jump and Mike Tenay will still have an on air role within the company. While there is no word just yet what that looks like, I believe he will have a role in the new programming coming out the door.

This leaves coming schedule puts one of TNA's lead stars in a bit of a pickle....Jeff Hardy, who, once again, will not be accompanying the TNA team on the UK trip and has the next few weeks off as well. Well, on that note, he's taking bookings at 6,000 bucks apiece in Canada, now that any possible legal entanglements have been cleared up.

I've got some stuff to air in the next column surrounding CM Punk and the recent scathing discussion he had concerning his treatment, push/ depush, esc. For now, I'll say that there's a great deal of smoke being blown from both sides of the biz concerning how things played out. SO, until then, Happy Turkey Day...

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