Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Loading.....TNA version 2.0

With everything moving into overdrive as TNA's final new episode on Spike happens in just two days, TNA is in the process of securing some star power going into the New Year and leading into those days. It's conceivable that they could take some down time from Thanksgiving until their launch a couple of weeks later. Who knows? If I were putting this thing, I have a couple of ideas concerning HOW to go about this new move.....

1. You have in the neighborhood of 3-4 days to promote the heck out of this move. Why only this amount? If anyone reading this is at all like me, you plan out your viewing schedule based on channel, show, and time. I would buy 4 or 5 commercial spots on about 5 of the biggest networks in prime time and advertise the move to their new home. Combine this with a HUGE ad for the move on their website, YouTube, and Facebook. People need to know about this because some big things are coming in the new year.

2. Throw a BASH. I don't mean something overblown like the debut of Hulk Hogan, which was so diluted with returns and cameos that it was downright distracting,  but something understated, but HUGE. Pull out the stops on matches and put together some special matches. Heck, make it a 3 hour event, with a big announcement to end the night.

3. Sign a heavy hitter or two. Don't disappoint people with this one. Seriously. Don't bring in any more MMA fighters. EVER. Spike needs no more advertisement for Bellator. They already are doing their own job with that. That said, TNA has to do something big to put this thing over the top. I've brought up the idea of a full blown Faction War with FOUR factions, but it doesn't have to be like that. If TNA signs some big main event names like one who has already stated he wants TNA on his resume in the coming year.

4. Genesis needs to SING. The PPV to start the year has to set the tone for the year and truly deliver in order for them to hit the ground running and bolster the viewing on this new network home. This will mean overtime for the writers to do their thing and make the storylines speak to the viewers and strike interest in the brand right from the start.

This is for a rapid fire transition. Panda will have to fork over some capital for this just to not lose a chunk of the viewership they already have on Spike. This is also assuming that their new home has a decently sized audience already. People need to know there's a new face in town, so to speak. Extra programming is only as effective as the size of the audience who is seeing it in the first place.

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