Saturday, November 22, 2014

Maple Leafs.....

Okay, before I go ANY further, I've been seeing this little trend. Certain of my neighbors in the Great White North are stating, with a great deal of dismay that once this new deal takes effect in January, they won't be able to watch TNA anymore. As I've said before, there are PLENTY of ways to watch TNA and even as we speak, TNA is working on cable carriers in Canada and has spoken to Canadian viewers to that end on Twitter.

IN THE MEANTIME.....I've got some options....both of which I share with you right about now. For these links to work, simply copy and paste the link into your browser and away you go. The directions will work, you can trust me.

When this page loads, click the TV Shows tab in the upper middle of the page. It will display a long list of shows. Simply type in TNA or Impact Wrestling in the search bar. CAUTION: If you have ad blocker, put it on for this one OR be prepared to close out of a dozen ad windows before your episode starts. On the plus side, it IS free and the quality IS good.

This one is simple as well. Just scroll down the page and select from the most recent episodes list. Once the linked page opens, scroll down and select the stream you wish and away you go. Granted, you may have to watch in parts, but it IS free and it IS good quality and you won't have to turn on ad blocker for it.

My point? You all have options, if you're dedicated and have the ability to do some leg work. Here, however, I've done that for you. This is my thanks to you all for sticking with me through the wilderness leading up to the announcement.

Don't forget to subscribe to the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING YouTube channel for match highlights, the exclusive "Farewell" to Spike Thanksgiving Throwdown Special.

I certainly hope this helps everyone who won't get access to Destination America once the turnaround comes about.

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