Monday, November 17, 2014

More? Seriously?! Yes, Please.....

GFW announced Jim Ross, and that was big news. TNA, not to be outdone, looks to try for one better....

The deal, mandated to come before their November 19th broadcast, looks to provide more than just their own single show on Wednesday nights. No, this deal is rumored to have flex for even more programming. How about that second show I've been asking for? If rumors are true, we'll have that.

AND, with the roster of performers who have been appearing at Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore shows, you can reasonably expect regular cameos from performers with ties there. That includes, but is not limited to, Alberto Del Rio, Eddie Kingston, The Young Bucks, and the return of Bully Ray. Can anyone tell me better news?

The wait on this is almost over, folks....and not a moment too soon. The timing is critical here as TNA's last performance on Spike happens Thursday. This news conflicts with other reports that have stated that TNA will still be on the schedule even as far as mid December. But my sources are telling me that there is NO more new footage and ideas Spike has had for running "Best of" specials until the first of the year have been scrapped. THIS means that the announcement HAS to come in short order. I'll be holding a vigil for this and I'll post just as soon as I find out and give my thoughts, advice, and other miscellaneous commentary on the big exodus from Spike.

AAA, NJPW, Wrestle-1, GFW.....imagine a wrestling conglomerate with TNA in the lead seat, being the only company thusfar with a television contract in the States. Could this combat WWE's juggernaut status? Oh, that I could answer that question with a simple answer, but the fact is, so many factors would HAVE to play out before there could be any kind of competition to even take place. A great many conspiracy theorists have made sport of TNA's move for Hulk Hogan, saying that it was a ploy from Vince McMahon to send in a spy to destroy TNA from the inside out, but when the tactic didn't work the way they planned, I dismissed it outright. The three newest indy charms WWE has gathered could be the same way. Finn Balor, Kevin Steen, and Hideo Itami all come from well traveled and well chronicled independent promotions with running histories of alliance. NJPW, ROH; these promotions have made them internet darlings with the IWC and in a spirit of anti-establishment, maybe it's time to bring things down from the inside. If GFW and NJPW and others join TNA, you could realistically see Bullet Club show up on TNA television, combating their former members with ratings as their currency. Would it work? For some, maybe, but WWE loyalists are a tough nut to crack and I would venture much more would have to happen before a switch would happen, and especially on the long term.

Make no bones about it, right now there isn't even a battle, let alone another war.....but maybe one day....

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