Sunday, November 23, 2014

Survivor Series and Other Potential Disasters....

Team Cena and Team Authority either ends in a draw or no contest or Cena wins. I simply see no way around that. Further, I see loopholes as wide as the ocean is wide and these X Factors will either come into play, or be held at bay based upon which of the three options WWE writers go with. Want a VERY quick rundown? No problem.

1. Team Cena wins. This option makes sense because you expect it and WWE is not in the business of delivering the unexpected anymore. I see chaos running rampant once Cena's team does come out on top with the X Factors coming into play to help clean house.

2. Draw. TNA did a finish like this once, where the final survivor left standing could not answer the count of ten. This finish does two things, it saves those X Factors until later, but it also draws out the storyline even further and raises the stakes even higher.

3. No Contest. This one brings the X Factors right into the thick of things and keeps the individual feuds of the parties involved moving along the path they're all headed towards Wrestlemania weekend with. As for the X Factors? Bray Wyatt, Sting, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, and Triple H himself. I see this becoming something WWE would do if they really want to put Sting over as the hinge pin and the threat to the establishment.

That's right, Sting and Randy Orton are slated to be used, as well as one more surprise I take to mean Chris Jericho, provided he's free, willing, and the crowd isn't hyped enough about those revelations. I see no reason to believe anything other than those are in the cards, but if there IS another, I would see the Undertaker as a last minute change, but with his health fading as much as it has been, I highly doubt it.

*sigh* People, I am not excited, even about this PPV for WWE and even though Sting may finally make his first appearance with the establishment. I, like a great deal of the fans outside the Sting to WWE camp, truly hoped Sting would remain the greatest wrestler to ever not set foot in a WWE ring, but alas, it appears that will not be the case.

But in spite of everything being said about how great Survivor Series is gonna be, I still say eh.

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