Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TNA....Welcome Home

Instead of trying to break this down, here's the announcement straight from the office....

As predicted, TNA FINALLY makes their move and announces a new home. Canadians, before anyone tries to jump on the "They're gonna alienate me" bandwagon, there is PLENTY of opportunity for you and yours to get your TNA on. A simple Google search will bring up a ton of sites to stream via the internet. That not quite your style? YouTube fans are streaming all over the place.

My initial analysis says that this is an amazing announcement. Why? A few simple reasons explain it all:

1. Destination America will promote new TNA programming outside of their initial Impact Wrestling broadcast. This one is HUGE because we all know they need the airtime to give each of their divisions room to grow and cultivate. A second show and various specials are included in the contract. It doesn't have to happen right away, but with the sheer volume of performers on the roster now PLUS those involved in cameo appearances AND those on loan from other promotions, you're going to need that added time flex.

2. Destination America is growing. For those concerned that this channel isn't on the grid right now, take heart; the hard copy of the announcement isn't hard to find on the interwebs. Within it, they state that the network is in the top five fastest growing networks since their launch in 2012. With a foothold on one of the Discovery family of networks, there is little chance that TNA will see anything but growth as they are in popular cluster.

3. Most people disregard Destination America when they see it on paper, but with series like BBQ Pitmasters, Buying Alaska, and Buying the Bayou all transitioning from their place on their normal channel to one other form of net entertainment, the shows are getting a whole new audience....the ones from Netflix. If TNA is able to foster a relationship with Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, they could immediately make their mark on ground WWE is fast losing. With the WWE Network being all but a complete bust, TNA's place on Destination America could garner some support by scoring HUGE on Netflix, provided their programming becomes a part of the deal. With WWE having virtually no presence on Netflix, they could gain HUGE ground by putting old PPVs, specials, and even old weekly footage from years gone by.

On the surface, I see this as a major win for TNA, despite the initial loss of Canada as a member of the viewing community on the small screen, but mark my words, this isn't the end of the journey for TNA as they will be trying to circumvent this setback in short order.

AHHH! I almost forgot....I mentioned an acquisition potentially coming in as soon as their premiere episode on Destination America....why don't I just show you?

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