Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All I Want For Christmas is.....

I realize I've been scarce of late, but work seemingly never sleeps, and as an added bonus, neither do I. In any case, I've been doing little but waiting for the news of late to blow over. CM Punk has signed with UFC for a multi-fight contract. Do I care? Not much, honestly. Some might call that a bit hypocritical, but I don't agree in the least. He was battered by a non-stop schedule by the machine and NOW, he's not, nor will he be in the training process for each of maybe 5 or 6 fights in a year long time span. Seriously, this isn't news to me, so I'm not outraged, as some seem to be.

No, that isn't what I'd like to talk about in this column. No, I have something else in mind. If I could have anything...and I mean ANYTHING for Christmas as it relates to TNA or GFW or any other promotion that doesn't have a McMahon at the helm, what would I ask for? Since I like to shoot for the moon, here's my short list. If I could have ANY of these things, I'll be happy. Let's jump in....

1. An announcement bringing TNA to Netflix in some form or fashion.

2. Bullet Club invading the Impact Zone, leading to a GFW/ TNA blended roster.

3. The signing of a Melina and John Morrison.

4. The return of AJ Styles.

5. King of the Mountain and the World X Cup

Exactly how possible are ANY of these things? Well, I happen to believe numbers 1-3 might be VERY possible. 4 and 5? I have my doubts. When AJ Styles left TNA last year, there were some hurt feelings, at least if the reports were anything to go by. As far as the King of the Mountain match? Who knows the reason for its disappearance, but whatever the case, it isn't out of the question, only unlikely and my guess to why has more to do with the creator of the match than the format itself. As I understand the idea, Jeff Jarrett crafted the match and was given the moniker to boot.

The return of AJ Styles at this point has less to do with him as the face of the company as it does with current headlines circulating that his finisher, the Styles Clash, has been the cause of a few injuries on the independent circuit. While some of the weight could certainly fall on him, after seeing footage of each case, I firmly believe that Styles is NOT to blame.

You wanna hear something interesting? Apparently, Destination America is in process of negotiating TNA into a streaming content agreement with Netflix. THIS, folks, is a game changer. With TNA partnering with Destination America AND Netflix, there is virtually no limit to how much exposure they could get. Could they stream live? I have no idea what the logistics would be, but could they stream the replays? Absolutely. For more reasons than I care to count, this is a big move for TNA and I can't be any more excited for the coming year.

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