Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Closing In....

Right now, TNA is on the hunt for the future. One recent report states that officials offered Alberto Del Rio 400,000 dollars for a one year deal. The catch? They wanted exclusivity. Meaning, they want him to be TNA all the outside work; no AAA, no ROH, no one else. For those of you who aren't clear, that's a heck of a lot of zeros. As it turns out, they offered the same deal to AJ Styles to return. Unfortunately, he declined. That's a lesson TNA should have learned the first time: Always reward your most loyal employees.

This post marks 996 columns, which is 4 away from the big 4 digits. 1000. That's a landmark and I'm very proud to have been able to keep this thing rolling long enough to reach it. I've asked before if there's anything in particular I should write about, but in the end, I have something in mind that just might do the trick. I'll keep that little morsel to myself, for the moment.

In other TNA news, they've announced a little update on the format of this new show, Impact Wrestling: Unlocked. This announcement is such a throwback for me, being a WWE fan of yesteryear, before the dark times. Anyone remember WWE Confidential? It was kinda like a real interview show, where the host would get into the performers' heads about where the ideas for their personas came from, how they determined their finishers, and even little intimate bits and pieces like pets and hobbies. Apparently, Mike Tenay is going to host said show, which will also feature a review of the events from the last Impact broadcast AND various extra matches, footage, and the like. As for who fills his shoes on Impact? Former WWE commentator Josh Matthews, who signed recently, has been in the home base in Nashville, brushing up on TNA history and reacquainting himself with his former partner, Taz.

With everything moving at a fever pitch, it doesn't look like Destination America is sparing any expense in the fanfare...with a 10 hour TNA marathon highlighting the history of the company leading into their innaugural episode, which will air live. For the record, Spike NEVER aired a marathon of any kind. AND, if Destination America is successful in their play for Netflix, this will mark the biggest step forward in TNA's history. This is bigger than the secured deal with Spike from 2004 and the best move so far in terms of their ability to garner fan support. Now, how does the public forum grade success on the Netflix front? Stream count? If that's the case and if TNA decides to try and make a play to put a few of their best selling PPVs up, the 9.99 price tag for Netflix won't sound as funny as it did when WWE tried to secure subscribers to their exclusive channel.

So, who is going to make a play for Netflix if TNA finds their way there in addition to their already secured spot on Wednesdays AND their replay on the weekend AND Unlocked? Don't look at me, I've already got my subscription to Netflix and I already use it regularly.

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