Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Further....Part 2: The Middle Bouts

So we've reached the middle of the match up pool and there's quite the stacked deck here. I, for one, love these picks, but I'm sure there are more in the masses. By all means, give me comments on these if there are others I might be missing. Well, before I go and ramble even more, why not just jump in...shall we?

Samoa Joe vs. The Rock

Two Samoan machines duking it out is something I would LOVE to see. The Rock could carry the feud on the mic, but Joe would absolutely deliver in ring. This isn't to say that 'ol Rocky is a slouch, by any means. What I AM saying is that this one is a feud that almost writes itself. Rocky came into the WWF as the smiling Samoan while Joe came into TNA as the undefeated, angry Samoan Submission Machine. Give Joe a win here and he'll be cashing checks FOREVER.

The Undertaker vs. Samuel Shaw

The Deadman vs. the psychopath. I love where this feud could travel, provided TNA creative were up to the task. Even if Attitude Era writers were to take this one on, you could count on something special in terms of shock value endings, events, and the build to a main event level match. Sam Shaw has the makings of dominance, he has only lacked the one storyline to set him apart as the new generation's cerebral assassin in the truest sense of the words. And NO, Triple H, you're not my pick.

Bobby Roode vs. Triple H

I wrote a column back when Roode won his first World Title that diagrammed his inaugural speech as  the "It" Factor. In said column, I stated that if his speech were tweaked just a bit, it would have been something word-for-word to come from Triple H during his feud with Batista in the mid-2000's. I love the kind of punch for punch jab work that could come from this match. Roode is one part Trips with a smattering of Benoit and Angle for good measure. The technical prowess of Roode is dialed back by other columnists, but I won't shy away as he is every bit as good as most of the best in the ring today.

This is a trifecta of matches I'm very much behind, but with these matches, I have a very specific order I would want these matches to finish in. That said, I would book Joe to finish over Rocky, Taker to ultimately down Shaw, and Roode to put down Trips. Sorry H fans. This is the middle of the match ups peeps, and I'm getting really fired up about the whole thing.

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