Friday, December 12, 2014


No other show ever produced by WWE has been able to capture the raw talent (no pun intended) of the developmental roster like THIS YEAR'S NXT. Let's be more clear about that. NXT is what WWE SHOULD aspire to. NXT is now what TNA has been for YEARS, but with a bigger machine behind it. The Knockouts....I mean Divas in NXT are LIGHT YEARS ahead of anything on the main roster and the talent in the tag division is spotlighted in a meaningful way. In short, WWE's developmental program is outranking their main roster. Seriously, I am shaking my head at this because this SHOULD NOT BE.

Right now, the ONLY thing of note in the WWE main roster is the debut of Sting. Perhaps Dean Ambrose is in there somewhere, but there is an abysmal chasm between the life and energy in the developmental league and the main roster and right now, NXT is all people seem to be talking about, which speaks volumes about how upside down management in WWE is in terms of where emphasis is placed.

Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Kevin Steen.....these are talents WWE is NOT known for scouring the countryside for. Okay, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, but in all fairness, Bryan has never been given his just desserts and Punk is gone; driven out by the machine that intentionally buried him. I despise WWE's philosophy of only utilizing their own creations when what makes men and women famous in the indies can't be capitalized on and ultimately trademarked. WWE would make out like thieves if they allowed certain performers to maintain their indy personas and simply transplant said talents from the indies and let them loose on a bigger stage. If necessary, they could turn the dial back a tick or two, but allow them to develop their own personas more fully and flesh out more detailed characters. In any case, I digress....

What baffles me is the fanaticism over NXT and those in their wheelhouse when TNA has been showcasing top indy talents for the past 10 years plus, creating brand new champions yearly and it's taken three talents NXT has plucked from the indies to turn their eyes from the main roster. I'm now, more than ever, convinced that it has very little to do with the TNA product as much as it is the WWE machine's fandom doing the work here. It's brand loyalty, pure and simple. I suppose to each their own, but this NXT rise is something to be proud of, while the main roster is decaying as this post is being written.

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