Thursday, December 11, 2014

Playing With Fire....

So here's the current running story I've been hearing:

Netflix has been wanting for some time to feature a weekly running, syndicated program on their streaming service. That said, with the success of MOST of their first run programming ala Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, etc., Destination America approached representatives from Netflix with a pitch on a company to rival WWE, TNA (Impact Wrestling). With the new brand relaunch, I have no idea how TNA is going to be spelled out, which is exactly why I had problems the last time they played with the logo. Is TNA going to be dropped out of the name entirely? Is it Impact Wrestling now? With their new logo, as shown below, I have no clue what to tell you guys, but what IS important is that the reps over at Netflix are considering the request seriously, knowing full well that their platform is something special as it crosses a LOT of lines that before had been blocked by the network change. With more homes than ever before subscribing to Netflix on a monthly basis, it seems that TNA might finally be able to make up some much needed ground.

With that said, I see no reason to believe anything less than amazing things....I'm not talking about the kinds of things that turned out to be "Pacman" Jones or King Mo or even Rampage Jackson or Tito Ortiz. This is something that will actually matter in the long term and give their brand some actual visibility.

A deal like this gives fans from all over a better chance to get a hold of TNA programming as there are a great many fans who DON'T have cable, but DO have Netflix, whether through their cell phone carrier, web hotspot, or whatever the case may be. This factors in an entirely new market of people TNA is now able to impact for their cause, and yes, that was a pun on purpose.

In addition to giving more potential fans to the product, it also puts more money on the table for all parties involved. This means more potential funds to sign new performers for their roster, securing those currently ON the roster, and bonus potential for those on staff. This is HUGE, folks. Stand by on this, peeps, TNA getting this deal would take this thing up a few notches.

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