Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Leading Edge....Part 1: Super Legend Card

Okay people...this is gonna be something very special. Why? Because this is filled with match ups I've never covered before, for one. For another, these legends are among the greatest for their day or any other. I'm not talking about from just WWF either, but TNA as well. Seriously, people...I love this set of pairings and there IS one name on my list that I will have to explain, but rest assured, I will do just that. All I ask is for you all to keep an open mind.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. James Storm

Is this really any kind of surprise? If I didn't know better, Storm went off the Austin template from back when he and Roode teamed together forward. The difference? He's not the talker Austin is, but he definitely IS the brawler. You can count on this being something special from the beginning. Do I believe this could be an Andre vs. Hulk match up? In a TNA vs. WWE event, without question....especially provided that the most watched era made a return and if both were on even footing in terms of booking.

Edge and Christian vs. The Wolves

If there was any need for me to explain why Christian is on the list before now, I hope the need is gone. Yeah, Christian was in TNA and yes, he's kind of an X Factor on the entire list, but I see no reason not to include him and since The Wolves have been to war with the other two greatest history making tag teams in the Attitude Era.

Austin Aries vs. Shawn Michaels

For me, this was about two things: Age and experience. Aries and Michaels are in their 40's and despite that fact, they could easily still steal the show on every card EITHER of them are on. This makes for the very best match if Aries plays the heel, but I have no problem if the shoe is on the other foot either. Both guys work so well on the microphone as well as in ring that no fan would care who wins or loses in the final match.

From the perspective of a lover of pure entertainment that is well paced, properly balanced between promo and in ring action, AND a decent match up to boot, this is the beginning of the best card I can manage from what is in TNA's current wheelhouse and what WWF was able to churn out in their prime. Truthfully, I couldn't even care less who wins in any one of these battles, so long as they are booked out with high stakes, good story, and a large crowd to witness the spectacle.

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