Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ain't Life Beautiful?

Well, Velvet Sky's contract with TNA expires in a couple of days and the top brass hasn't offered a renewal. Why? I have no idea. These days, not much surprises me. Last year, AJ Styles was TNA's biggest loss without a doubt, side noted by Bad Influence in the Tag Team Division. This year, it's been Bully Ray and Velvet Sky. Could Velvet end up in WWE? Possibly. Do I think she'll be used well? I suppose that's entirely based upon how you view it. On the one side, she could be featured more prominently in stores as a calendar seller. On the other hand, that's probably as far as she'll get, to the page and rarely used in ring for anything other than "enhancement" talent. That's code for jobber.

As far as Ray goes, or should I say Bubba....he'll probably get the same kind of treatment that R-Truth got when he came back, or Christian.....which is to say he'll be put right back into th mid-card, never to headline a PPV again....or wear a big league singles title. Is that what he wanted? If so, I feel bad for him. I really do. In TNA, he was the top guy for a time and even now, without much thought, a top spot could be had within a week or two.

This spot is something interesting because WWE doesn't want former TNA talents in their top spots and that historically has been true across the board. Nevermind that Ron Killings was a TNA Heavyweight Champ or that Christian shared the same honor or even that Ray did as well, these guys were WWF guys first and a return home is merely the story of the prodigal son without the fanfare and celebration that they were dead and have come back to life. Christian had a single day's reign as a top tier champion.....a shallow victory. Killings never returned to the top. Bully Ray was eliminated from the Rumble in just over 5 minutes. WWE has no intention of putting a top tier guy coming back from TNA, into the top spot for any length of time that matters. Why? Because doing so would legitimize TNA's position that the players chosen deserved to be there in the first place. By Vince's estimation, Killings doesn't deserve a top spot, neither does Christian, but TNA made them top tier champions anyway and their reigns were fun to watch.

I really shouldn't be ranting about this, but when Bully Ray tells the fans thank you and says it feel good to be home, I take very little joy in his return....and not even from the perspective of a loyal TNA fan, but from a former WWE fan who has the knowledge that Ray won't get the kind of fanfare from Vince that he got from Dixie. Just saying.

I wish the best for Bully and Velvet, and I'm hoping the one-off appearance in WWE was just that and that he and she will end up right back in the ranks of TNA's roster, where they belong, but I am not holding my breath forever......

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