Saturday, January 10, 2015

And there was Eric Young....

So in the spirit of celebrating a successful first episode once more, I'd like to speculate on the scruffy one, who made his heel turn this week. Is this a permanent turn on the road to something bigger or was this just a jealous spell designed to get back at the guy who has had more chances in the main event than he has? From a backstage standpoint,  the only thing standing in the way of this being a long term feud for Bobby Roode is the potential end date on Roode's contract.

But is this a good turn? Well, I suppose that depends upon which Eric Young we're going to get. Are we looking at the "going along for the trip" Team Canada Eric Young or are we getting the ruthless leader of World Elite who is just biding his time to take over the BDC (Beat Down Clan)? Either way, we're not looking at the man who was married to ODB in the middle of last year. I, for one, am hoping for a bit more World Elite and a bit less Team Canada.

None of what I have said thusfar has been a spoiler of any kind....until the next few sentences, which I promise, will not reveal who the champ is in the coming weeks. Battle will be waged and it will be intense the next few weeks, but there is nothing to indicate how long this thing will last. All I WILL say is to enjoy the fights and the twists and turns as they come around the bend.

Another part of the caper that has no indication as to where Bobby Lashley fits into the stratus of the Beat Down Clan OR the rest of the men vying for the World Heavyweight Championship as he has become something outside of ALL of it. And being the champion in spite of it is something truly interesting and it makes him a far more credible character to hold said belt. Notice how I never said how long he's going to hold the belt. Why? I don't want to spoil it for ANYONE.

If anyone is looking for a complex storyline where just about anyone could fit into it and it wouldn't look out of place.....TNA is the place to look. I am not making this up....John Cena could show up on Impact and I wouldn't be a bit surprised. Chris Jericho, Sting, heck even Triple H could show up in TNA right now and there IS a way to put him in as there is plenty of room to weave his character both into AND out of it.

I don't care about ratings, but for those who do....chew on this. With no outside help from Spike TV in the last few weeks to promote the move and with limited finances put forth by TNA to buy promotional time to put hype on their arrival, TNA was able to put up 400,000 viewers out of the nearly 750,000 they had been getting on Spike between two outings on their inaugural episode. This means that either people liked the show enough to watch it TWICE or it was enough to bring a new crop of viewers in for their first shot after the initial show was put out.

My response? Well done, folks. Both fans and officials alike. TNA, you've done well.

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