Thursday, January 8, 2015

Do I Say It?

Alberto Del Rio to put a certain something back into the World Title picture? No. Awesome Kong returning to put the Knockouts Division over the top by putting her and Havok in the same ring? Yes and then some. I'll be the first one to admit I was stunned. In fact, to some degree I still am. I could never have called it.

When Kong stated on record that her TNA chapter was over just last year, it seemed like it was really true, but when WWE dropped her like a bad habit when she took a leave of absence for maternity, life took on something else. You could call it kharma, I mean, WWE did. Welcome back, Kong. Nice job of keeping the lid on this surprise, TNA.

I also would like to state for the record, that this little mini faction isn't what it seems. TNA isn't trying to put the factions back on the storyline roadmap. Sure, it may look like it, but in the coming weeks, it will dissolve. Trust me on this. This little alliance has more to do with shaking up the title picture than it does with putting together the next MEM.

This year's first quarter is going to be full of little-moderate surprises and big returns, provided fans are putting their viewing habits where their mouths are and paying attention to their website hits and YouTube channel views. Destination America is a good move for TNA and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the channel grows just on TNA's presence alone.

I've decided that I have a couple of predictions to make based off of what this week's episode brought to us, the fans.

1. Kong won't be the last Knockout to return OR to debut.

This one is an easy one to make. I'd venture Ivelisse, Veda Scott, Taeler Hendrix, The Blossom Twins, or other names entirely, but you will recognize them when they arrive.

2. We will see at least one brand new World Champion in the first three months.

The question is going to be WHO? Sam Shaw? Robbie E.? A new challenger from another promotion? A fair question that will answer itself in the coming months.

3. A couple more Tag Teams will join the fray and light it up in that division once more.

Could we see another renaissance like we had in the mid 2000's? I believe that to be absolutely possible. With WWE working on their roster, I think it only fair to believe TNA is going to follow suit, though not with the same strategy.

There are more predictions waiting in the wings, but for now, suffice it to say that this year's UK Tour is going to be a stacked ride, filled with wonder and awe and with good reason as a new day dawns for the little promotion that could.

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