Saturday, January 17, 2015

From NYC to UK by way of JFK.....

For those of you who don't know or have forgotten, once the last of the currently taped and on file episodes of Impact are given their time and have been seen by the masses, TNA will be off to the land of tea time and intense fanhood, the United Kingdom. I say it every year to my fellow TNA fan brethren, but you in the UK make the roster of TNA look like everything we, over here across the pond, want to see in a promotion.

Moving past the gushing over the events to come, I just got word that Jeff Hardy, Manik, Kenny King, Gail Kim, Kong, and British Bootcamp winner Mark Andrews have all signed brand new or renewed contracts with TNA. On a related note, TNA officials are looking to bring back Mickie James AND more former Knockouts to bolster their Knockouts ranks and put the division back in order and even, perhaps, devote more time to the division than ever before as fans continue to be vocal during women's bouts. I'd call that a nasty case of good customer service, but maybe that's just me.

Another thing that is news, but not in a way that is anything close to original, WWE's annual RAW Legends reunion is set to take place Monday. Anyone want a spoiler alert? I don't have to even look at my sources to let you all in on how this all goes down. Sting will be backstage Monday and his presence will go to tease his match with Triple H. I would guess that since almost every Legend in attendance will have faced "the Icon" at some point in their careers and, in virtually every case, lost in some extreme fashion. Nash, Hall, Flair, Hogan, Simmons, all have been defeated by Sting. In fact, only Shawn Michaels has yet to face off against the painted one. If I HAD to guess how it plays out, the Authority flexes their will to the extreme Monday throughout the show, all the while being warned by a Legend or two that Trips only saw the beginning of what Sting is capable of.

Could they make a play for Sting to participate in whatever the NO WAY OUT PPV equivalent is? I admit, I don't bother keeping track of the names of WWE PPVs as they change them virtually every year. It isn't like it was 5-10 years ago, when I could name out every PPV by name each month, but that is another column ENTIRELY. Suffice it to say, WWE's February PPV, whatever that might be, could be Sting's "lead-in" PPV, building to this year's Wrestlemania. While I can't express my distaste for Sting vs. Triple H enough, as it turns Sting into the EXACT replication of his TNA persona, or the justice-bringer. He's been injected to put the wrongs of the Authority right, by making the voice of the face portion of the roster heard and delivering a beatdown to Trips in the end.

So this year, TNA's divisions will be getting a facelift while Sting will remain the same on the WWE brand, by my estimation. Who wins the day? Well, Wrestlemania will garner a minor boost from Sting's presence and the potential end of the Authority, but beyond that, I doubt we'll see anything of consequence from WWE. TNA, on the other hand, will see the kind of resurgence in fan support likened to their 2006 swell when Kurt Angle joined up. And, with them putting so much effort into differentiating themselves from the E, I can see nothing but positives to this.

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