Monday, January 5, 2015

Hold Up....I Just Paused It....

Okay, before I go any further with this blog, I'd like to make a few observations. First up, I'd love to address any and all columnists that have been saying this year is TNA's last. Anyone else laughing but me on this one? If TNA were to have gone under, it would have been before they secured their deal with Destination America, but with consistent numbers and a fast growing network home that is building their base with TNA as their cornerstone, I simply don't see that to be the case.

Next, there is this peculiar notion that NXT, Lucha Underground, or even GFW is going to secure the second place spot on the list of top North American wrestling promotions to watch. I defy that assessment and submit that if Destination America continues their growth trend as they have the past couple of years, I see no reason to believe anyone else even has a shot, regardless of who GFW eventually signs a TV deal under. This falls under the assumption that the television market isn't already being flooded with first run programming. If TNA's schedule contains 4 to 6 hours of programming per week and we already know WWE has well over 10, what network would be in their  right mind to try and compete with that?

On the third tier of things that I'd like to discuss is something that MUST be addressed before the first live Impact on their new home. TNA upper management has been scrambling to try and throw large amounts of money at a top free agent talent to announce as their newest acquisition. I've already mentioned a few names. AJ Styles has refused the offer, Alberto Del Rio is getting offers from all around the countryside, and the rest are either busy or not inclined to join up as of yet. Is this a bad sign? To my mind, the answer is both yes and no. On the one hand, they are able to line up a pretty killer debut card as things stand right now. On the other, they could use some fresh faces on their roster as it is beginning to look a bit thin. As of this post, 8 members have renewed deals with TNA and the rest are a lock at least until 2016 sometime.

So where does this leave TNA moving towards the inaugural Impact Wrestling broadcast this Thursday? From my perspective, they're in good hands with the third and I daresay final match between the Bobbys; Lashley and Roode and The Hardys vs. The Wolves. It can be reasonably assumed that there will be some kind of tourney or battle royale or something to determine the next Number One Contender to face off for the World Title and I would guess Taryn Tarrell will be defending her Knockouts belt as well. Beyond that, Kurt Angle's return will undoubtedly bring about some kind of storyline tie-in and I have a hunch that Bully Ray will re-sign before game time. In addition, I have no doubt TNA will secure at least one big surprise for the show that won't disappoint anyone watching.

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