Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Power Ballads....I mean Couples....

With all of the most memorable couples in kayfabe and real life who happen to be a part of the wrestling business I have had a heck of a time just trying to think of how best to put this column together. Mixed tag match tourney? That said, I think I may have just the thing. Each of the participants must have been married or affianced within the past 5 years in real life. No storylines, no kayfabe, strictly the real mccoy. So here's the list......

Taryn Tarrell and Drew Mcintyre
CM Punk and AJ Lee
Stephanie McMahon and Triple H
Tyson Kidd and Natalya
Brock Lesnar and Sable
Matt Hardy and Reby Skye
Magnus and Mickie James
Kristal and Bobby Lashley
The Undertaker and Michelle McCool
Booker T and Sharmell

Now that the pairs are set, let's do something interesting.....I'm not going to worry about TNA vs. WWE faceoffs at all in this bracket, it's going to be as random as I can make them. I'm going to simply run from top to bottom and pair off from there. SO match one is....

Taryn Tarrell/ Drew vs. Punk/ Lee

This one seems pretty evenly matched. With Taryn downright pulling rank over Lee, in my book, I think it comes down to Punk vs. Drew, which in my view is a rather unfair battle. From a purely performance standpoint, I don't view Punk as anything bigger or better than Drew. Don't get me wrong, Punk straight up outclasses Drew on the microphone, but when it comes to wrestling in ring, I don't have any negative views about either performer, which makes this about how they would work as a tandem. Since Taryn and Drew are no longer a team anyway, I give the win to Punk Lee.

Stephanie McMahon/ Triple H vs. Tyson Kidd/ Natalya

I'm going to make this short and sweet. Why? Because Steph may have had matches in WWE, her performances were never anything worth a second watch. That said, between Kidd and Trips, I put Kidd above H on sheer work volume alone. PLUS, since both Tyson and Natalya have been put through the Stu Hart wrestling school, the victory is sealed.

Brock Lesnar/ Sable vs. Matt Hardy/ Reby Skye

Barring the fact that Reby is pregnant and Sable is well beyond her prime, I'll simply place both women in their prime and go from there. In my view, Sable was never much more than eye candy, making the women's match up barely worth mentioning with Reby Skye overhauling and putting down the Diva outright. Lesnar and Hardy would be a good match nowadays, but if it comes down to a brawl, Brock has the edge. SO, victory goes to the pairing who have the better chemistry. Knowing what I do about them on the indies and ROH, I'm going with Hardy and Skye.

Magnus/ Mickie James vs. Kristal/ Bobby Lashley

This is going to be virtually identical to the last pairing as Kristal is not known for her technical wrestling prowess and Mickie James practically wrote the book in terms of being a modern day legend. Magnus, by my estimation, is going to be a tough sell to outclass Lashley, but when push comes to shove, the balance must be in place between pairs and Magnus and Mickie just manage to pull out a W in the win/loss column.

The Undertaker/ Michelle McCool vs. Booker T/ Sharmell

This one goes to a no contest with Taker and McCool winning with barely a contest.

That leaves some interesting pairings.

CM Punk/ AJ Lee vs. Tyson Kidd/ Natalya

This would be epic. With each competitor in their prime, it would be a match I would sell a card around, but here, I HAVE to go with balance once again and give the match to chemistry, that X Factor that changes so many matches on every card. Natalya and Tyson take it.

Uneven brackets help this one along. I'll give Magnus and Mickie a bye this round as it really makes no difference where the fall happens, Taker and McCool leave here. Magnus and Mickie OR Hardy and Skye are better pairs than Taker and McCool. Simple as that.

SO....In the semi-final round, we have.....

Magnus/ Mickie vs. Hardy/ Skye

On paper, I REALLY want to see this match. Seriously. I'm a fan of all four performers, BUT leaving my preferences on the table, I have to think of which match goes best on the top, alongside Natalya and Tyson Kidd. Truth be told, I want to see all three duke it out, but since I also want to remain a true tourney, I will simply flip a coin. Magnus and Mickie win.

That leads us to the final match.

Magnus and Mickie James vs. Tyson Kidd and Natalya

I love this match up. It tells some good history between Natalya and Mickie and it gives some decent variety in Tyson vs. Magnus. This isn't an easy match to call for me. Magnus has a William Regal quality to him while Tyson is both a high flyer and mat tactician. When it comes to working, Tyson Kidd has the edge. On the women's side of things, this could go either way. Since I can't decide the outcome, I'll leave it to you guys.....

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