Monday, January 19, 2015

Royal Rumblings....

For the forth straight year, I'm not planning on watching anything but maybe the Royal Rumble match for WWE and maybe a handful of matches over the course of the year. Does that make me any less a Sting fan, now that he's thrown in his lot with them? I don't think so. I'll catch every segment he's in, but I'm simply not interested in yet another rehash storyline with Sting taking down the establishment and ESPECIALLY with Triple H as the ultimate foil.

And having said that, on RAW, just as I predicted, though in a different form, Sting appeared as a distraction; a troll of sorts to allow John Cena to get a victory over the Authority. A minute and a half long appearance from the Icon, but it was enough to be considered an appearance per his contract. Put on paint, spend 10 minutes on camera and then catch a lift back home. This is quite possibly the biggest waste of money I can think of behind The Undertaker working one day per year on a half a million dollar bonus paycheck. I seriously have no idea what the point is of having a man who was actually wrestling half the dates he appeared in TNA to only show up a few minutes on the other side of the fence. Hey Vince, you want your money's worth? Have Sting rush the ring from the crowd and take out the boss again, but this time on the sidelines as he's looking on the mismatch in the ring.

While I'm glad things didn't play out exactly the way I predicted, and instead ushered in the Ascension, this thing could have been done so much better and about 10 years ago, it would have been, but I digress on that point as the writers are a point much like beating a dead horse for not moving.

So having said that, TNA's news is far more interesting as Bobby Lashley is now working hurt and so much to that effect, he has pulled out of his upcoming MMA battle. Does that mean he'll drop the belt in the coming month or so during the UK tour? It might. What a treat it would be, however, to FINALLY see some kind of full on roster war with some brand new TNA-exclusive match type. With as many top tier players as they have, you would think that the brass would put something together, but with Lockdown in a couple of months and the tour ahead lasting until the end of the month, why would they make that kind of long term plan?

I'm hoping for BDC, The Revolution, and a brand new World Elite revamp with Eric Young at the helm, putting the clock back a ways....before the dark times, before the Empire of Immortal. I was saying it back when time allowed for it the last time and I'm still talking about it....put together a HUGE war. If you're already doing factions, you may as well. I mean, it hasn't been done before, at least not in the modern era.

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