Friday, January 16, 2015

Silent Night.....

Wait just a second....this isn't it? No, the season is over, but there is something I would like to cover before getting too deep with anything else. With the exception of NoDQ dot com as the naysayers with Jay's Ways in the lead post and my personal favorite fansites on Facebook; EHWF (Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Fans) and The Wrestling Newsgroup in the affirmative, no other wrestling website columnists are giving TNA any coverage at all. In fact, I haven't seen anything in nearly 2 months, ever since the deal with Destination America was announced. It's as if the IWC gave up entirely on TNA when Spike dropped the ball...saying in no short terms "Since Spike didn't want them, TNA is basically dead in the water as Destination America is a nobody station with such a low viewer base it isn't even worth following."

It's a dismal picture, but one that I can't help but notice as a true blue TNA fan and loyalist. I won't deny I had my doubts, especially in the wake of the Hogan debacle and subsequent backlash, but I have always had some hope that TNA would be able to right the wrongs of their history and ultimately steer their ship into clear waters. So I suppose this is me, I guess, sending out a couple of questions to the IWC at large, and you who visit this little blog on the edge of infinity. Is TNA, in the grand scheme of all things wrestling, worth all this hoopla and defense in the face of people who either watched and walked away or those who have never watched and simply hurl insults at the brand in a display of high brow WWE fanboy-ism? Truthfully, I'd like to think this blog and the columns therein, are just a taste of a growing culture of people who are just sick of being force fed the flavor of the day and would rather pick for themselves who they prefer to cheer for.

And this all goes well beneath John Cena hate, though his character I have covered in great detail as to how TNA could help if they snapped up his contract before he could re-sign with WWE in the next expiration. It goes beyond the glint and glitter and shiny lights and such that the WWE has hidden behind, clad in celebrity and window dressing and long winded promos by the "Walking Tall" elite....and you all know who I'm referring to, giving you a "Rundown" of what's hot in the land of the "Fast and the Furious".  I'm not hating on the man who coined Wayne Gretzky's moniker as "The Great One", but I would argue there has to be more to offer the casual wrestling fan than just nostalgia about how to book out an Attitude Era vs. modern era feud.


In the news I want to cover in this column, it's been reported on the major wrestling outlets that TNA has had their eyes on Alberto Del Rio to make a debut and sign a deal, but ANOTHER name TNA has been working on trying to acquire is no longer a wrestler, but someone who could serve as the new face of authority as Kurt Angle has vacated that role. Former WWE wrestler and camp Hall of Famer Edge has been on the receiving end of courting by the TNA governing elite to fill the role left vacant by the TNA Hall of Famer.

Is this a good idea? Christian came over, and he made himself a main event player to boot, but could Edge make a difference as the voice of authority? In my view, Edge could do the job about as well as Kurt as he has the chops to deliver the lines and with the airs necessary to put on the show. That said, would he be more of a help or hinderance? THAT, is something that relies heavily on his character role, whether it be heel or face AND storyline surrounding the beginning of that role. A strong storyline to bring in Copeland as the new manager COULD be a great stride for TNA as it would mark every player from the best tag teams of the Attitude Era having set foot on enemy territory at some point in their career, whether in gear or suit.

Is it a good idea? I say let's give it a try.

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