Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Next Chapter.....Power Couples and Newbies.....

Now that the first hurdle on this blog has been breached....1000 columns, I've decided to go ahead and go the distance. So that means a few new ideas and fantasy match-ups and topics I've never covered here. We're talking mixed tag match-up between the best couples in the game today or at least the best over the course of the past few years. But before I jump into those teams, I say we tackle the newbies bracket and instead of doing a WWE vs. TNA type of face-off, which I have simply done to death, I'd like to put together a sort of Gauntlet style match.

In the last column, I threw out the names of the entries. Now granted, a couple of names are now missing from TNA's roster page, but that doesn't mean they can't serve as entries. They've shown up in one offs before and have been quite successful as a result. Anyway, I would start things off with Bray Wyatt and James Storm.

Between these two guys, I can't help but see Storm as the more durable of the two, and to that end, I expect a decent albeit short match with Storm winning the bout. Facing off against Storm in the aftermath, I'd love to see Seth Rollins come into things next. In my eyes, Storm would be dethroned here, leaving Rollins to move ahead.

With Rollins having dispatched James Storm, I'd put Magnus into the fray. While I know he is a talented performer, I still have to give the edge to Rollins, now clearing two men from the table. He, however, would not stand against Chris Sabin, being a fresher and high spotting performer, which is not normally in Rollins wheelhouse in WWE. I see Sabin coming out of that match up on top. I don't see his reign to last beyond there as Rusev would probably dominate early and chuck his chances of going the distance.

Rusev is NOT my pick to move further down the line as I see Austin Aries putting down some high intensity moves and laying him to rest. Aries is my pick to go toe to toe with WWE's golden boy Roman Reigns. As much as WWE favors the guy, I don't and to that end, he falls to Aries, in my book. I, for one, LOVE the last three guys and I think I'm in the masses here when I say that my final two on the night would come down to my favorite two performers on the lists.....Bully Ray and Dean Ambrose.

On straight wrestling prowess alone, I see Ambrose being the more talented, but on the coattails of experience, I give the advantage to Ray. So where's the tie breaker? I say to go to the allies and evaluate from there. Ray's friends are few and far between while Ambrose's allies are more readily accessible.

In the end, I pick Dean Ambrose as my sole survivor. Surprised? From the WWE main roster, there is no single performer who is more TNA-esque than Dean Ambrose. He's one part Bully Ray, one part Mr. Anderson, one part Abyss, and one part Austin Aries. Athletic, charismatic, well built from a booking standpoint, and he's got a character full of untapped depth yet to explore. In my opinion, his best years would be spent in TNA and not in the shadow of anyone on WWE's roster.

In the next column, I'd like to put together some of the best power couples and see what happens. I'll feature couplings like:

Triple H/ Steph
CM Punk/ AJ Lee
Magnus/ Mickie James
John Morrison/ Melina
Matt Hardy/ Reby Sky
Chris Sabin/ Velvet Sky
Tyson Kidd/ Natalya

That's quite a few, but I think it should prove interesting to see what kinds of things could happen between couples if the circumstances placed them all on even footing. Who comes out on top? I think it's worth exploring.....

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