Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Rise of Robbie....and Jessie?

Just by the title, I can see a couple of you rolling your eyes. Never fear, though, I've got your back on this one. Anyone know why, by show of hands, this one is an easy one to book out? One of two reasons....the Menagerie and the Revolution. Both little stables provide the kind of crazy Robbie requires.  There was a time when that was not the case and the break between Big Rob would have been the best chance of a rise, but since those days are gone, these two provide the best chance of success.

Step 1. Capturing the Tag Team Titles

This part of the rise is CRITICAL. Why? Because it can be done as soon as possible as The Revolution holds the belt as of this post. If, in the build, The Revolution were to capture 'ol Robbie and indoctrinate him before getting him back to Jessie, we could see an old fashioned tag partner turn once the belts were captured. James Storm gains credibility from the heel turn and potentially moves up the ladder as well.

Step 2. Turn a partner into a rival

Does this always work? Absolutely not. However, this will do something interesting, I think, as it will force Jessie to step up his game and either choose another partner once the smoke has cleared or build him into a future contender for the World Title as well. If this turn is played similar to the way Edge turned on Chris Benoit in 2004, we could see a decent feud even as bloody as Storm vs. Roode was.

Step 3. Choose a launching pad

As of this point, Robbie will still be looked at as an underdog no matter where he turns with some growing heat from his heel turn, but if he is able to garner some momentum from a top player or two, this turns him into something bigger. I would also play out Jessie's storyline in such a way that he hasn't forgotten the loss and has been working with a trainer to put him back into the thick of things, just so he's not lost in the shuffle AND to build to a possible bout to finish off the era. For Robbie, I would pick Abyss. Why him? Because he'll give Robbie a match that doesn't make him look so soft and would give him a more edgy persona. For Jessie I pick Kurt Angle. Jessie will get firsthand training from the best in the business and he'll pick up a finisher worthy of his character. Give him a final send off match to launch his single's success and you've got a winner.

Step 4. Pick a battleground

During this entire time, James Storm has been working back towards the World Title. In that time, Robbie has beaten Abyss and in turn replaced him as a member of the Revolution. Why? I think, as I've said before, it's time for Abyss to wind down his career and start looking at ways to put the next generation over and onto the top tier. That, however, is another column for another time. In the meantime, James Storm wins the day over whoever and becomes the World Title holder. With the belt in hand, he is celebrating when Robbie asks for a title shot. This begins a path where you have mentor vs. student and Storm goes into a rant over how he picked him out of his place and put him in the limelight and now he's forgotten his place. Just like that, Storm continues his heel path, while Robbie is put into a face-ish role. As this whole series unfolds, we see Jessie come back into the picture as his presence costs Robbie the title. This brings even more bad blood as now Robbie is invested on two fronts. With things escalating each week, whoever the authoritarian is HAS to make the World Title match a Triple Threat and, just like that, you've got Jessie AND Robbie E. in the main event.

Keep in mind that the build up opponent could be different for either Robbie OR Jessie and the feud could weave and wind every bit as long as Bobby Roode and James Storm's did, but the result MUST have all three in the same place at the same time. The moment Storm nabs Robbie, Jessie has a claim to stake on Storm as well. This results in the most explosive boom on the big stage between three guys the crowd hasn't been behind as much. New faces in new places is the name of the game and if you build it in such a way as to give every member a reason to be there in addition to the title, it makes for an even more compelling story to be told on the stage and in the ring.

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