Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Upswing Continues...Doesn't It?

SPOILER ALERT: The next couple of paragraphs will contain at LEAST two spoilers. Though neither will reveal the parts each play in the coming weeks, their presence will be spoilers in and of themselves.

A couple of weeks ago, I responded to a post on yet another fan page. This particular post contained a photo of the former WWE Diva Mickie James. Why do I refer to her as the former Diva instead of the former Knockout? Because, as I predicted on this post, she's coming back, folks. When? During the tour....when will it show? Uh-uh, not telling.

As for the OTHER THAT, guys, is something interesting. Vince's "chosen one", Drew Mcintyre, is coming to TNA within the next couple of weeks. I'm of two minds on this. Why? His ex-wife is already on the roster. You'll know her as Taryn Tarrell, the current Knockouts Champion, but in another life, her character was named Tiffany and, in a very publicly recognized conflict, both Taryn and Drew were arrested and the entire event was put into a trial on the docket of the executives at WWE. In the end, Taryn was unceremoniously released, and Drew was never again put into any position of importance. So much for "chosen", huh?

In any case, while the indiscretions of both lapsed on that night, all debts were paid and the event should have been forgiven. After all, most of the WWE top tier has failed a wellness test, which is a far cry from a domestic dispute, but even so....BOTH were to blame.

Despite all of that, Mcintyre is a good, no, a great talent and his release comes as TNA's gain from a talent perspective. I hope his arrival, in no way, impedes that of his ex-wife's continuing success in the company.

With these spoliers, there is no revelation as to whom their alliances are, where their loyalties lie, or what part either play in the scheme of the currently running storylines....just as promised. I have hope for both in their roles coming in and returning respectively. Removing the governor from talents is always a good encourages creativity and sparks some truly wonderful moments in ring as well as out. To Drew I extend a welcome, while to Mickie, it's simply welcome home....

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