Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Trips....There Are No Words....


Really.....where do I begin? Well, how about this: quite a while back, I posted some footage of Sting in an interview with Mike Tenay. In this interview, he told a story about how he thought Booker T had been verbally buried by The Rock in one of his early WWF bouts. If Booker T was buried by The Rock by him asking "Who are you?", Triple H used a freaking backhoe to verbally bury "the Icon" and I can't help but be a little bit upset by that.

I will say this, the above interview, he claims never to make the same mistake twice, but then again, in two straight Wrestlemanias, he picks The Undertaker as his opponent and ultimately loses....twice. In fact, Trips has been on the receiving end of a Wrestlemania loss 3 times to the same man. But who am I to criticize?

What's worse, in Sting's innaugural appearance on RAW, his presence becomes an afterthought as Brock Lesnar is the one who finally ends out the show. Is WWE really so out of touch that they can be the bad guys on every side of their own acquisitions? When The Ascension was systematically dismantled by a ring full of old guys and Sting's debut was tarnished by not being given top billing to end out the show, how is anyone supposed to take either debut seriously? Sting may end up with a Hall of Fame induction in the coming year, but with a run like this in what may end up being his final wrestling hoorah, why not put him on the same tier as The Undertaker, I mean he WAS WCW's dark horse character....a brooding vigilante whose sense of justice is carried out with a baseball bat. Is it so hard for WWE to admit that Sting is a force to be reckoned with instead of crowding his RAW debut and letting HIS presence sell the broadcast for the night and put Brock on a backstage fallout segment?

Am I making more of a big deal of this than is necessary? I dunno, but I DO know that in the grand scheme of things, this interview was quite possibly the least truthful interview I have EVER seen WWE put out. When Triple H talks about having never seen Brock Lesnar as enraged and focused as he has been in the recent weeks, I have to believe he was either asleep or under the influence during Lesnar's entire first 6 months in WWE. When he's destroying TAG TEAMS who got more crowd pop in a mere shout out than Seth Rollins has been able to generate in his career thusfar AND putting legends to rest right and left AND putting on the single most bloody Hell in a Cell match to date with The Undertaker no less, and he's not been more focused than he has in the past couple of weeks? Right. Pull the other one, it plays "Jingle Bells".

The point I'm making here, if anything, is that WWE is not putting Sting onto the kind of tier I believe he deserves and, to put an even more aggressive point on it, I don't believe it'll happen even once Wrestlemania's card is compiled. Right now, Seth Rollins is being prepped for a run on the top tier, which means he has to contend with the likes of John Cena OR Brock Lesnar OR both.....conceivably or the possible feud with Ambrose or Reigns, which seems less likely at the moment. Compoundly, Sting will then have to battle The possible return of The Undertaker, who is being written as we speak, to face Bray Wyatt. So already, Sting falls into third place on the card and isn't likely to be put any higher than that. Second place, I can see, since his is the only top tier character left in WCW's wheelhouse who has never set a single foot into Vince's Candy Land. The sad part is, even Goldberg was given a better place on the card at Wrestlemania 20....or at least was given a more dominant role over the course of his short tenure.

Sting fills out a tier of maybe 7 or 8 guys from the old guard who will be remembered for their work in WCW forever. Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, Goldberg, and Sting....seriously, those are WCW's most decorated soldiers and Sting ranks in the top three movers of merchandise from those days. You had Hogan, nWo, and Sting with Sting trading places on a weekly basis for the top spot. He WAS justice, people! And THIS was his welcome to "the big time" as 'ol Trips stated.

This isn't funny, folks, but I get the feeling it was somehow intended to be.....

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