Friday, January 9, 2015

Wow....That Was Fast....

So do you all remember when I mentioned that Kong wouldn't be the last recognizeable face to grace TNA's door before the quarter's up? This just came out today that Maria Kanellis and her squeeze Mike Bennett are sending feelers out to TNA officials about joining up now that their Ring of Honor committments have run their course. Seriously, can anyone else see Maria as the newest member of the Knockouts Division? From WWE's Diva Search so many years ago now, TNA has picked up quite a few former Divas who have turned out to be quite entertaining performers and even champions. That said, Maria has undergone quite the transformation since leaving the big E and has blossomed into a decent wrestler in Ring of Honor.

Just think about it, peeps

Not to beam even more, but did anyone else enjoy the freaking heck out of Impact's new format? I have to say that I was very skeptical of how things would work, but from opening brawl to closing beatdown I was hooked line and sinker. The opening and the climate of the brawl as it spread out into the crowd was brilliant and WWE could not hope to match it....and this for two reasons.

1. WWE has far too much at stake if a child were to be injured in the spillover. TNA's audience runs older anyway, so the chances of injury occurring are pretty much nil. Additionally, TNA was able to position the brawl in such a way as to minimize full on contact with fans in their aisles. Fans were able to be close enough to the action to see things, but not so close as to be injured by them.

2. WWE's roster is so massive, a brawl like that would put great strain on production's ability to reign everything back in for sake of the show. Since TNA's roster is less than half, much of the problem is eased.

Combine all of that with the invisible barrier WWE puts in front of their fans, narrowing the interaction to the fan interaction events and signings and limiting the interaction at their televised and live shows and you have a full picture of how the climate is different.

While TNA's viewership isn't anything to write home about NOW, I fully expect those numbers to change as Destination America grows as a network. HOWEVER, even with a completely different audience and a new network, TNA's rating was VERY respectable. When you consider the fact that the availability of the network is half what it was on Spike, the numbers still showed half, which in my mind is very impressive. I say share the blog, share the network, give the YouTube channel views,....anything you can do to show TNA you're behind their direction and we'll see some huge bumps in the ratings yet.

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