Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Idiocy Runs Rampant.....

In life, there are a number of things that can gain you the title of IDIOT. Arguing a case without facts,  bringing a knife to a gun fight.....and taking naked pictures of you and your girlfriend. Seth Rollins, YOU are an IDIOT. You stand at the precipice of having the upper crust eating out of your hand and your naked pics are now floating round the net and are getting passed around like a joint at a frat party. If that weren't bad enough, it isn't narrowed to you, but your girlfriend (or former girlfriend) has her pics out there too.

Okay, by show of hands, who out there takes naked pics of themselves or their significant others to keep on their phone? Okay, put your hands down. Now of those people who had their hands up, do you not realize that your phone isn't a safe place to house such pics? Further, if you were on a high profile stage like WWE, do you understand that yours will be the most highly sought after photo galleries to pilfer through? This is basic personal safeguarding 101. Unless you can develop your own pictures, your pics aren't safe on a device or computer.

So in spite of a lapse in judgment by Mr. Rollins, there will be no repercussions. Don't get me wrong, people, there have been dozens of wrestlers who have had pasts and futures in adult entertainment, but this kind of thing, in a PG environment, is unacceptable. When performers under the code of conduct written into their contracts breach said code, action has to be taken to minimize any kind of damage that might be caused by a performers' indiscretion. I have no problem with whatever people want to do in the privacy of their own homes, but when it becomes public, it becomes a problem, and problems like that, in particular, are not the kinds of problems WWE is going to want to have to perform damage control on. It was hard enough for WWE to deal with drugs, domestic disputes, and the current rule about dating within the company, but this is something they aren't accustomed to dealing with and with good reason.

People are going to make some mistakes in this life, true enough. People are going to make STUPID mistakes, true enough. None of this is a problem until it puts your place of work in a position where they have to take sides on an issue that they should never have to deal with to start. If my parents were to have a voice in this, they'd most likely tell me never to follow my cousin's instructions. For anyone wondering what that means, my cousin used to have a saying...."Don't do anything I wouldn't do, but if you do, take pictures."

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